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Minimalist Houses Sold Purple Paint | Unique

Minimalist houses sold purple paint or Minimalist Houses For Sale

Full details minimalist home design
Property Type House
Address Komplek Puri Bintaro Residence Blok B2 No. 10. Aria Putera Kel road. Sarua Kec. Ciputat Postcode 15,414
Contact (Telephone / Mobile) Achmad Hidayat - 081,532,279,824
Price 150 million
Size of the building / 38/90 m2 land area
Number of floor or level 1
2 bedroom
1 bathroom

Minimalist Home Designs Unique

Description Additional $ 150,000 of negotiation. credit over kpr Bank Syariah Muamalat 1.995.000/bln installments over 180 months is the way a flat 20 months. house on his own behalf the certificate of property. cluster-type homes dr Jakarta 15 minutes, 30 minutes to the bsd city, 15 minutes to the international hospital bintaro bintaro malls and plaza and toll-jakarta bsd. front page already put the canopy back, the house was put trellis doors and windows, 2200watt electric, water jet pump clean & well, there's Renov kitchen tidy condition, shower room + toilet seat kept clean, the floor Granito, park there 3x3m uk, wall high Renov back already, car port there, the backyard was neat in the cast. environmentally safe 24-hour security, free of flooding. for yg interested can come see the condition of the home straight.

Clean/Clutter Free Kitchens

Much like their namesake culture, Spain Kitchens are exotic, vibrant and the ultimate in cool. These European kitchen cabinets by Spazzi – one of Spain’s largest kitchen manufacturers with distribution throughout Europe, Argentina, Morocco, Angola, Mozambique, Canada and now in the U.S. – boast a contemporary look featuring corrugated cabinet fronts available in hot hues to spice up your kitchen in more ways than one. Combined with contemporary stainless steel, the look is totally chic. Not only do these modern kitchen cabinets look cool, they also provide plenty of concealed storage space for a clean, clutter-free kitchen. These cabinets let your enjoy modern minimalism with maximum flair for fashion. There’s nothing like a Spain kitchen. Check out the full collection at Spazzi.

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Medium Minimalist Sell House To Top | Luxury

minimalist home designs
Medium minimalist sell house to top | Luxury

Bedroom Design

Furniture Sofa Design

Full details of minimalist house:
Property Type House
Address Bogor Raya Permai Blok Fd6 No. 10
Kota Bogor
Contact (Telephone / Mobile) Abizam - 081,510,324,862
Price $ 640,000
Building area / 90/136 m2 land area
Number of floors or levels: 2
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Additional Description Property Certificate, Price includes: 1 AC 3/4PK, MiniBar, 3 bedrooms, 1 set of garden chairs, Electric 1300watt, PAM network, there are gardens front / facing the garden, each bedroom garden view, 15menit of BORR toll, GIANT Hypermart 10menit to Yasmin, is a sports club (Swimming Pool & Tennis Court), 24 Hour security, green environment, fresh air, free of dust, free of flooding.

Design of the dining room like a cafe

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands Ideas: Adding Beauty, Function and Value to the Heart of Your Home

Since the 1980s when builders first began plopping blocks of wood in the middle of a floor the island has been one of the most popular models of kitchen design. Through the years the function and look continues to evolve from the early days of added storage space, to the next incarnation when appliances were added, to the addition of multiple levels to accommodate seating and visual interest. The latest trend is for the island to more closely resemble furniture so they look less like a part of the kitchen and more of a seamless blend with the adjoining room’s decor.

Despite their huge popularity, an island cannot and should not be a part of every kitchen, most designers agree. They work best in an L-shaped kitchen that is at least 12 to 14 feet wide. The barest minimum of walk space should be 36 inches, but the National Kitchen and Bath Association prefers at least 42 inches clearance for a one-cook kitchen and 48 for multiple cooks or high traffic kitchens. The most popular island width is roughly three feet.

Like all kitchen design it is best to determine the island’s function. They work well as secondary workspaces with prep sinks and can hold auxiliary appliances like wine coolers or warming trays. One pitfall in adding a prep sink is not allowing enough adjacent counter space to make it truly functional. Guidelines call for a minimum of 36 inches on at least one side of a secondary sink. If a cooktop is on an island allow for a minimum of 12 inches on side of a cooking surface and 15 inches on the other.

To add a punch of color or create a focal point, consider using a different wood for the base or a different countertop. Also think about varying the height of the island to break up the wide expanse and create interest. A typical countertop height is 36 inches high but you can add a lip to make a breakfast bar of 42 inches or lower a portion to table height of 30 inches.

Islands work well in today’s open concept living spaces to keep people connected but there can be drawbacks, too. Dirty dishes are often in full view and there can be safety issues if people are sitting too near a cooktop. A buffer of at least nine inches should separate a cooktop or sink. Consider also rounding the edges of an island as sharp corners can be a hazard.

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Minimalist Houses For Sale

Kitchen Design

Address: Jl. duren three southern
Region: Mampang Prapatan
City: Jakarta Selatan
Province: Jakarta

Land / Building Size: 486 / 375
Number of Floors: 2
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 5
Maid: 3
Maid Bathroom: 1
Electricity: 5500
Water Source: Well Pump
Certificate: SHM

Car Garage: 2
Carport: 1
Phone: 1

house price: $ 3,500,000



Name: Hendri
Phone: 021 93736678
Mobile: 08128333942
Agent: - Individual - Individual
Contact: Contact Hendri via Phone

Pool Design

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Living Green Furniture

LivingGreenFurniture, a division of LivingGreen LLC, was established to bring affordable, high quality, eco-friendly furniture products to the online market at a truly exceptional value. Living Green offer slipcovered and upholstered sofas, sectionals, sleepers, loveseats, chairs and ottomans - all customizable by you from a wide array of fabric styles and colors, cushion fills, and wood finishes. They source their products from the highest-quality American manufacturers which they have carefully scrutinized to make sure their products comply with our eco-friendly mission.

What's most important, after the style of the furniture and the fabrics, is comfort and value. Exceptional value isn't just about price, it's about the relationship of price and quality - how the furniture is made, how it performs and how long it meets or exceeds your expectations. So read on to see how they "stack up"!

The heart of their custom upholstered, eco-friendly furniture is a solid frame made from American hardwoods that have been sustainably harvested. Kiln-dried hardwood as well as solid and laminate boards that are precision-milled into a frame that will never twist, warp or crack. In an effort to minimize any waste of resources, the kiln is fired from the sawdust and wood waste produced during the milling process. Joints are held strong with double-dowel or mortise and tenon and corner block construction. Because of the unbeatable craftsmanship on their line of furniture frames, they are able to guarantee them for as long as you own their furniture.

Suspension systems are an important part of our comfort story. LivingGreenFurniture uses either a traditional coil or sinuous spring system or a state-of-the-art elastomeric webbing system. Just like their frames, LivingGreenFurniture guarantees its suspension systems for as long as you own your furniture.

Cushions are specifically designed for each style of their upholstered and slipcovered furniture. Standard cushions include a core containing plant-based and recycled materials, and organic, halogen-free fire retardants. Each core is wrapped with a layer of soft polyester fiber. LivingGreenFurniture’s cushions are made without the use of CFCs. The high-resiliency foam delivers just the right amount of support, comfort and bounce-back to ensure ultra-comfortable seating, while the fiber wrap provides softness and shape to the surface of the cushion. Each furniture family’s style and design dictates whether the cushion looks and sits a little softer, or sits more firmly with a more tailored look.

As an option on many styles, the eco-down blend cushion is a modern combination of a channel-quilted down-proof jacket filled with multiple layers of high-resiliency recycled fiber foam surrounded by a blend of duck feather and down. This cushion delivers an exceptionally rich and plush down-like seating comfort for the ultimate in sit-down-and-sink-in splendor.

All cushions as a rule will soften with use. With proper care, all cushions will deliver years of dependable seating. Regular vacuuming, fluffing and rotation of cushions will help extend cushion life.

As a designer, I love upholstery as a beginning for a lovely color palette allowing you to totally customize your room theme. Along with the fun of creating your own personal style, realizing you have quality and beauty which will last a life time is priceless. My personal opinion is to use a solid allowing you to change the pillow colors and style as often as you like, this becomes very economical, changing your pillows and accessories becomes your least design expense. However, they also make lovely custom style slip covers which would allow you to use a pattern. This is furniture you will use everyday of your life, what a relief to know it will last as long as you own it. Once this decision is made then have fun playing with colors in your accessories.

Sell House New Minimalist Yet In Occupancy

Sell House New Minimalist Yet In Occupancy or Minimalist Homes Sold

Full details of the new minimalist house:
Property Type House
Address Grand Depok City Cluster Jasmine Block E1/19
Kota Depok
Contact (Telephone / Mobile) Dian Awida Khohar - 08,179,142,098
Price $ 95,000
Building area / 45/112 m2 land area
Number of floor or level 1
2 bedroom
1 bathroom
Additional Description home loan over 95jt (nego) BTN mortgage repayments have 2.1juta/bulan road 20 months for 15 Years. The house was so ready for habitation. Strategic location in the Grand Depok City Cluster Blok E1/19 deket Jasmine Water Park, just 5 minutes from the Old Depok station. LT / LB 112/45, 2 KT, 1 KM existing kitchen

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Contracted Minimalist Home

Full details of minimalist house:
Property Type House
Address Jl. Lido Ii/12 Block D, Castle Cinere
Kota Depok
Contact (Telephone / Mobile) Hendarjo Billy - 0817804643
Price $ 34,000
Size of the building / land area of 150 m2 / 300m2 m2
Number of floor or level 1
3 bedrooms
Bathroom 2
Additional Description Maid + 1 bathroom attendants; 1 garage + 1 car port; 3500 W power; marble floors; a telephone line; front + rear yard; strategic location: the back Mal Puri Puri Labu Labu & RS; 10 minutes from the Toll Road Outer Ring Road;

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Sold House Minimalist Design

Sold House Minimalist Design or Minimalist Houses For Sale

Full details of minimalist house:
Property Type House
Address Kalisari Pasar Rebo Cijantung
Price $ 481,000
Size of the building / land area of 95 / 150 m2
Number of floor or level 1
3 bedrooms
Bathrooms: 2
The address can contact: East Jakarta City
Contact (Telephone / Mobile) Yudi - 021-70034246

Classy and Clean

Cool and contemporary meets naturally beautiful in this stunning kitchen by designer Carlo Colombo. The new Twelve kitchen, designed for Poliform Varenna kitchen company, experiments with “minimal horizontal thicknesses and maximum wideness,” as described by Poliform. The modern style comes sans handles, resulting in a very chic, sleek and streamlined look, which is a nice feature in what is usually a chaotic, cluttered space. A variety of finished lets you customize the look. Facade finishes include wood, laminate, glossy or embossed lacquered fronts, or simple steel. Tops come in a variety of laminates, steel, Corian, quartzite or painted fronted glass. The range of looks run the gamut from organic to ultra-modern, each with a distinctly contemporary edge. For more info and to check out the Twelve kitchen, visit Poliform Varenna.

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Sell House Close To The Urban Minimalist

Sell House Close To The Urban Minimalist Or Minimalist Houses For Sale, Minimalist Homes Sold.

Full details will be minimalist homes are sold are:
Property Type House
Address Jln.pajak Canal Kav.55 Cipadu Jaya-cileduk
House prices: $ 29,500
Size of the building / 57/89 m2 land area
Number of floor or level 1
2 bedroom
Bathroom 2
Additional Description Bonus: Kichen set.Jet pumt, telfon house, Trellis, Garden
the address can contact Contact (Telephone / Mobile) Trifana Sukses Mandiri - 081,389,204,885

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hidden Beds

Small space furniture is one of my favorite categories of interior design, mostly due to the creativity it involves. Often the furniture items are dual purpose and have convertible options that make complete sense when you see them in action. Hidden Bed shows us the perfect computer desk and bookcase wall unit by day, with a flip down convertible bed by night. The cool thing I like is the ability to leave all of the desk components in place and simply pull down the bed with ease. The Hidden Bed product line includes ready to go models or you can custom design the perfect convertible bed of your dreams. See the entire convertible Hidden Bed product line here. Pricing upon request.

Minimalist Houses Sold Cheaply

Minimalist houses sold cheaply or Minimalist Houses For Sale, Minimalist Homes Sold.

Full details Minimalist Home Designs
Property Type House
Cluster Address Adora Permata Blok B3/no.18 Bintaro Jaya Sektor 9
Kota Tangerang
Contact (Telephone / Mobile) Nina - 08,129,992,808
Minimalist house price: $ 2200
Size of the building / 58/97 m2 land area
Number of floor or level 1
2 bedroom
1 bathroom
Additional Description Location near Japanese school, the Global Jaya School, near the station Sudimara. Newly renovated & repainted (Refresh). Once used for Lifebuoy Ad Location.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Minimalist House Sold Quickly And Cheaply Strategic Places

Minimalist house sold quickly and cheaply place a strategic or in selling minimalist home. Minimalist Houses For Sale.

Data minimalist home designs or specifications of Property:
Bedrooms: 6
Bathrooms: 5
Garage: cars
Carport: 1 car
Land Area: 99 m²
Building Size: 99 m²
Floor: 1 floor
Electrical: 2200 watts
Line Phone: 1 line
Certificate: SHM - Property Certificate
Facing: West
Facilities: Iron Fence

The address can contact:
Preschool & Kindergarten Kidea Good news for all who live in the area of Pondok Indah, Pondok Hijau, Pondok Pinang, TB Simatupang, Cipete, Fatmawati, Lebak Bulus and surrounding areas. Puji Astuti no. hp: 70536478
House prices: $ 45,000

Thursday, February 18, 2010

In Selling The House Ready For Occupancy Magnificent Minimalist

Design living room or family room

Home exterior design

In selling the house ready for occupancy magnificent minimalist or minimalist homes sold

Home address: Indonesia
Name of Housing to be on sale: Villa Citra I
Address: A block no.2
City: Bandar Lampung
Province: Lampung

Land / Building Size: 900 / 720
Number of Floors: 2
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4
Maid: 1
Maid Bathroom: 1
Electricity: 5500
Water Source: Well Pump
Certificate: SHM
Facing: East

Car Garage: 2
Carport: 3
Phone: 2

Water sources that could be used at home there are 2: with the well pumps and piped water facilities juaga. Each room has air conditioning and are equipped with engine house stabilator.

The main bedroom and another room above 1 have sendiri.Rumah locker room is also facilitated with the office, multipurpose room and a warehouse. The kitchen is 2: Wet and dry kitchen. There is an open space on the upper floor that can be used also for the BBQ.

Location is located in the residential homes in the city center, close with a place of worship, markets (there is also a small market in this housing complex), close with security post, 15 minutes from school.

The address can contact: Phone: 021 5381879
Mobile: 081807876262

Asian Art

Ryo Matsuoka of Tokyo, Japan has been drawing and painting since before he can remember. Today he dabbles in other art forms such as embroidery, but his colorful paintings with a strong Asian influence are his main focus. According to Matsuoka "The act of drawing opened me up for life and unknown places, connected me with new people, and gave me different windows of time and place, further inspiring me to draw.

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Minimalist Home Designs Custom Glass

minimalist home designsExamples of custom home designs minimalist glass

Minimalist Home Designs Custom Glass

Great Things

While shopping in the wonderful maze of "The Arboretum", located in Charlotte NC, I found, "Great Things". To my surprise it was an upscale resale shop with an array of designer clothing and accessories as well as unique home and furniture items. I was greeted with a warm welcome and introduction to the owner, Jeanni Law and her daughter Kim.

Everywhere I looked there were lovely displays of accessories and unique furniture and home decor items. You owe it to yourself to visit her quaint shop and be prepared to spend a few hours browsing, so you don't miss a thing.

The resale industry is one of the few recession proof segments of retailing. Not only does it survive during economic slowdowns but it grows and thrives. The appeal is twofold… Consumers are attracted to buying quality merchandise at a fraction of the original cost and the financial incentive to sell, consign or donate their unused or unwanted items.

With gas prices at record highs, food costs increasing, and housing expenses rising, it is no wonder that consumers are feeling cash and credit constrained. As they run out of purchasing power, they cut back on discretionary spending and change they way they shop_ but don’t be mistaken, people will still shop! Some people shop because it makes them feel better, others shop out of need… professionals still have to look good,  newly weds and college students need to furnish their dorms and apartments. I love to recyle and refresh my decor, and prefer the intimate shopping of smaller establishments.  In this uncertain economy_ when people are shopping cautiously and focused on getting more for their money_ resale is the natural choice. The industry offers the best of both worlds… the chance to SHOP AND SAVE.

At Great Things Showplace you will find quality pre-owned furniture/home d├ęcor and beautiful designer clothing and accessories. Many items never or barely used. Best of all, nearly 98% of all items brought into the store sell, and quickly. Everyday new items arrive.” It always changes, which is why you need to shop regularly, so you don't miss a "Great Thing".