Saturday, October 30, 2010

Colorful Room Styles/Part 1 of 2

mariaferlo colorful outdoor space

Nature offers the ultimate color palette. When designing outdoor spaces, keep colors simple and let the beauty of nature take center stage. In this space, mariaferlo mixed white drapes and cushions and added soft color with pillows.

shortcar colorful living room

Keep your furniture, floors and walls neutral if you want to highlight colorful artwork. RMS user shortcar hung bold paintings high on the wall, making them instant focal points.

Val Moore red black outdoor room

Set apart indoor-outdoor spaces with bold colors that contrast with the exterior. RMS user Val Moore opted for red and black and gave this space an inviting, Asian feel.

Purple is a perfect complement to gray. Add sleek white furniture, molding and an inspiring wall treatment and you've got one stylish office. Design by smoodgie.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Home Design Garden by Tham & Architects Videgård

This park is home design. Tham and Videgard, Swedish Architecture Firm has successfully completed a project called House Garden. This house was built on an area 180 meters square in Viksberg, Sweden.

The owner wants a beautiful garden as part of their home, and the reason why they decided to move from their duplex apartment in central Stockholm to the rural location in the lake Mälaren. To meet customer needs, we propose a house conceived as an integrated vertical additions to the garden, where indoor and outdoor space gradually mingle and interact.
Triangular foot print is the result of a steep slope diagonally across the site. With one of the long facade facing south, we also managed to eliminate the pure north façade. This further helps the idea of climbing plants on trellises oversized high that covered most of the windows so that by the time they will be hidden in the greenery.
A double height winter garden also serves as a natural pre-heating fresh air. Roof terrace offers views of a very long above the nearby hills over the lake Mälaren. Construction is all wood, both structure and finish.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Styles of Lighting

beasley dining alcove


Ambient is a hidden source of light that washes a room with a glow. It flattens an interior and creates very little shadow. A wall sconce is an example of ambient lighting, as are paper lanterns. Use of a dimmer can also provide ambient light. Design by Troy Beasley.
dining room epitomizes contemporary style


Directional lighting or lighting that adds interest or highlights a certain object or unusual architectural feature in a room. A bulb and some kind of shield to direct the light are all that's needed for this type of lighting. Halogen spotlights and table lamps with opaque shades are good ways to achieve accent lighting. Design by Lori Dennis.


Task lighting is just that; lighting that's used to perform daily activities such as reading, cooking, shaving, putting on makeup, etc. Effective task lighting enhances visual clarity and keeps the eyes from getting tired, so it needs to be glare-free. Design by Alia Meyer.

art inspired living room


Lighting itself can be a work of art. A neon sculpture would be purely decorative and an example of aesthetic lighting. A spotlight illuminating a statue on a pedestal or portrait on the wall is also artistic. This type of lighting also needs to be used along with other lighting types. Design by Andreas Charalambous.


Sunlight, candlelight and firelight; this is light that moves and is sometimes referred to as kinetic. The quality of natural light, sunlight in particular, depends on many things — time of day, weather, what season it is. Fall has a different light than summer, for instance. The setting sun gives a different kind of light than midday sun. Design by Tracy Morris.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bedside Lamps

LaylaPalmer bedside table

Glass Elegance

This clear glass lamp and white shade are perfect for a soft color palette.

 Erinn Valencich nightstand window

Bold Gold

A unique lamp can make a bold statement. This circular gold bedside lamp offsets the black floral wallpaper and dark wood nightstand to expand the pale colors of the headboard and bedding. Design by Erinn Valencich.

nuetral white bedding offers heavenly relaxation

Thin and Simple

A simple stick table lamp works perfect with this bedroom's modern decor. Design by Lori Dennis.
loft bedroom features hand hewn headboard

Moroccan Beads

A dark wood headboard and colorful Moroccan-inspired pillows in this bedroom call for taupe bedside lamps to neutralize the deep colors of the accent pillows. Design by Daniel Bodenmiller

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Minute Makeovers

Asymmetrical sofa ensemble

This is for anyone who doesn't have to have a perfectly symmetrical sofa ensemble. Place two of the same square pillows on one end, and toss a wool throw on the other because it gives the sofa a casual, please-sit-here attitude.

Use contrast when choosing pillows and throws

Consider contrast when choosing pillows and throws. These larger chocolate brown velvet pillows allow the smaller cream felt ones to really pop. Put a pair in each corner, and then add a round orange silk pillow on one side to keep the mix from looking matchy-matchy. Fold a throw in thirds, and place it underneath one of the pillow sets.

Arrange a shapely collection of accessories

Fill the prime piece of real estate in front of your sofa with the right building blocks. The key is to use objects of varying heights.
This dark wood table is a study in rectangles. Go with the theme, and arrange a shapely collection of accessories (square plates, tall cylinders, and an oval bowl) on top of it. The final result is like a geometry lesson with style.
Warm up a sleek surface with a punch of color

A two-tiered glass-and-iron coffee table is a great choice for an elegant look. Warm up its sleek surface with a punch of color. Accessories in red do the trick here.

Choose an upholstered ottoman instead of a coffee table

Instead of a coffee table, choose an upholstered ottoman with a crisp white slipcover for a soft, cottage-inspired look. (This piece can also be used for additional seating when entertaining.) A large, low basket adds a stable surface for display.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Updates In Minutes

black dining table with wide-striped end chairs

Break Up Dining Chairs

Unless you seat 8 to 10 people at your dining table every week, your chairs probably don’t get much use. Steal two from the dining room, and use them to flank a console table in your entry, a dresser in your bedroom, or the sideboard in your living room.

Vignette with blue ceramic lamp

Update Your Lampshades

Outdated lampshades can make a room feel stale. To give your space a more modern feel, trade your pleated shades for simple drum-shaped ones -- they’re better looking and easier to keep clean. If you really want to make a statement, forgo a white shade in favor of something more dramatic, like gray.

A marble bathtub.

Decorate the Personal Spaces

When decorating, we often spend our time, money, and energy on the rooms that we assume will be appreciated by other people. But if you find that you spend more time in your study (or bathroom, for that matter), it should be decorated with the same zeal and enthusiasm as your living room. Take one object you love -- try a lamp, painting, or pretty book -- and move it to a place where you can appreciate it most.

blue dining room

Change Your Light Fixture

Instead of a standard chandelier, try hanging a lantern over your dining room or breakfast table for a less fussy look.

A living room with blue and white striped furniture.

Ditch the Matching Pillows

Many sofas come with a pair of pillows in a coordinating fabric, but the matchy-matchy look can be a bit obvious. Upgrade to down-filled pillows with removable covers in a fabric you love -- and don’t be afraid to mix it up with different patterns. A graphic floral looks fantastic against a small-scale stripe.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Elysium 154 House Design is Minimalist by BVN Architecture

This is the Elysium 154 House project undertaken by BVN architecture in 2009. It is located in Noosa, Queensland, Australia. A minimalist design was chosen for this project, but even in a minimalist design, this house still looks luxurious and glamorous. See details of this house 154 Elysium of the photos below:
Minimalist Home Designs
Elysium exterior 154 Minimalist House Design is by BVN Architecture

Home Interior Design
Staircase design
Kitchen design

Project Description:
The Elysium 154, Noosa project is the development of housing for the last sub-division in a very desirable zip code Noosa Heads. Large sites consisting of 189 home rations, public facilities (tennis courts, health spa, water facilities), parks and nature reserves are located inland from the coastline adjacent to Lake Weyba Noosa. wavy, beautiful views of the site maintains extensive pockets of existing vegetation and given a distant view to the Sunshine Coast hinterland beyond.

This home site enjoys a truly beautiful, which slopes gently from the road south toward a small park and open space to the north. A gentle, sweeping, curved walls and forms that identify this house is produced by an intuitive response to reach both the north-east aspect and views over the park area north. Finished textured external wall folding back into the residential interior along the walls and ceilings where the edge of carefully detailed and smooth transition with the internal wall allows the threshold between inside and out had been distorted. Drawing an external garden and pool room into a luxury building has reinforced a sense of subtropics. [Via]

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Creative Home Decor

Home decor: pieces with meaning
Choose Pieces with a Meaning

When Jason and Jill Williams hired a firm to design their home, they clearly stated that the theme was "sparse."

They did not intend to buy things to simply fill the house; they wanted to acquire pieces over time that had meaning, complemented their lifestyle, and reflected their personalities.

While the theme was "sparse," sleek and modern wasn't their design choice. Instead, they mixed furniture styles with rustic, stained, and painted finishes.

Every piece serves a purpose, and each can be used in different ways for years to come.
Family room
Design for gathering

Family rooms are gathering places that should exude a relaxed style and communicate warmth and playfulness.

Perhaps the most important consideration for such an active room is how to keep the space's flow while noting its separate areas. Color, furniture placement, and area rugs can help meet this goal.

Here, a U-shaped seating area encourages conversation. Artifacts from family travels reflect the personalities of those who live here, while the fireplace and television anchor the space.
Home decor: carry your style outdoors
Carry Your Style Outdoors

"Outdoor areas are often the last to receive design attention, but they shouldn't be," says landscape designer Matt Lemos.

"Plan space for your lifestyle by incorporating ample seating, table surfaces, cushions, play areas, eating spots, and sunning areas."

By carrying your design style outdoors, you can turn a patio, deck, or even a balcony into another room of the house.

This sleeping porch, a feature of many Craftsman houses, is updated with contemporary styling and weatherproof drapery and upholstery fabric.

Blue wall
Create Flow

Common colors and materials help connect your living spaces.

Display signature pieces without too much fanfare. Try using one simple but dramatic floral stem or leaf in a chunky modern glass vase.

In transitional areas, brushed nickel or silver works well for frames, accessories, and fixtures.
Choosing fabrics
Find Fabric You Love

 For designer Jennifer Hilgardner, the right fabric is one of the best ways to enhance an interior.

"Find a fabric you love," she says. "Choose a signature fabric with enough design elements so you can pull out colors, coordinate textures and have lots of options for furnishings and accessories."

Here, green and blue accents in the fabric even play off the foliage outside.

Home decor: elements of display
Smart Art Display

Include tall and low elements throughout the room to keep your eye moving.

As a general rule, hang framed photos and art at eye level (or a bit higher if the ceilings are high). Keep in mind eye-level may be lower in a room designed for seating.

Here, a lipstick-red wall sets off black-and-white photos and a mix of collected treasures.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Quick Style Fixes

Rehang your art

Group Shot

Rehang your art. Group small pictures together for maximum impact. It can give your room an instant facelift. This is easy to change and fun to arrange! Also, it's much cheaper than buying a large piece of art.

Rearrange your furniture

Musical Chairs

Rearrange your furniture. Assess what’s blocking the flow of traffic through your house and move it to a more convenient location. This will make the room appear more organized, and you might just find that long lost remote once you move the couch.

Hang those mismatched antique pieces of china on a wall instead of a painting

China Cheer

Hang mismatched antique pieces of china on a wall instead of a painting. Buy discarded china plates at any local flea market or thrift store. Pick colors in the china patterns that coordinate well with your room and buy plates in a variety of sizes and styles for more interest.

Pull up a bench to the dining table

Eating Nook

Pull up a bench to the dining table. Not only will it create space for extra guests, but it will also add a casual note to your decor. This is an especially great solution when kids are among the guests.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Design Cures

Weekend Home Rehab

Home Rehab

Designer Phoebe Howard of Mrs. Howard and Max & Company worked her magic on this coastal space -- to rid the condo of light-barring walls and cramped, cheerless spaces.

The Quick Fix: Infuse life into a small room by combining a variety of textile patterns in similar tones -- like the polka-dot, honeycomb, and geometric fabrics shown here.
Custom Kitchen Island

Custom Kitchen Island

The designer installed oak floors stained dark to resemble old European hardwoods, then she enlisted help to design a kitchen island and bath vanities to distinguish the condo from the run-of-the-mill builder's special.

The Quick Fix: Craft your own kitchen island using a favorite antique piece as inspiration. This one was made with a wooden shiplap back and bracket feet.

Built In Banquette

Looks Built-In

The Quick Fix: Customize a kitchen corner with a tailored piece like this banquette that looks built in and saves space.

Versatile Palette

Versatile Palette

For the homeowner's requested palette (Brown, yes; wicker, no), Phoebe took a cue from the faux wood screens and incorporated natural-tone furnishings spanning from bleached driftwood to stained teak. "It's amazing how warm and cool brown can be, " Phoebe says of the anchoring color. "That's perfect for a family who uses a space year-round."

The Quick Fix: Enliven a plain-Jane drywall surface with a textural faux-bois wallcovering. Its vertical lines create the illusion of height within the 8-foot-high space.

Slimming Shutters

Slimming Shutters

"In Condos like these, you have to work a little magic to make the space seem wider and taller. Sort of like when you want to look thinner -- you put on stripes that are going the right way." -Phoebe Howard .

Graphic Print Rug

Graphic Print

Beef up plain drywall with heavy trim, and let a bold geometric print be the starting point for a room's entire color scheme.

Mirror Magic

Mirror Magic

In this all-white master bathroom, the cabinets get a special treat with glued-on mirrors which reflect light in a windowless room.

I love these rooms and the palette used is calming. via