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Minimalist garden design

How minimalist design for the home garden?
Park home owners increasingly become the status symbol. Mix & match style house with a garden can produce a unique look and increasingly reflects the owner.

At present, the park houses not only as a mere supplement, but it's getting just as important as architecture and interiors. Even for some people has become a symbol of prestige. The better someone's home garden arrangement, reflecting the social class of owners.

Park in your house. Same personal with home design. It is expected that the design reflects not only personal but also supports the home owner activity and the needs of residents of the space. From the head of the family, wife to the kids.

For example, one of the lifestyle trend now is to hold a garden party with a barbeque in the evening or late afternoon. Of course, we will gladly run this program when we garden with good design, especially at night.

If we have children who are active. Obviously need a roomy place to play. Garden elements such as swings and play ground equipment that other children can we match the garden design.

Certainly many aspects that must be taken into account in designing the park. Although we do get help from the landscaper, still we must pay attention to the important aspects in the design of the park, namely: expansion of existing parks, activities shall be accommodated in the park, the harmony of gardens with buildings.

Like architecture, garden design known in a variety of gardens. What is the type of garden? There are various types of parks are generally known. Distinguished by the cultural background and geographical origin of the development of the park. Differences in composition and animating characters that used the park.

There are so many types of garden that a traditional cultural background and geographical. There's Japanese garden, china garden, garden french, American, English, tropical Bali, a tropical Thailand and Japan, there is a growing garden suitable times, such as garden modern, minimalist and dry garden. Each type reflects a strong character and have different effects lover.

That one architectural style developed today are minimalist. This style emerged after World War II. Nowhere on Those days lots of people's houses destroyed by the war so That the government make a home in modular form (Standard and Poor 'in Aceh now), WHO is easy and cheap workmanship but still with the design well. Key features of this building is a simple form, without ornament and emphasis on function space.

Simple and without ornament is suitable to the spirit and lifestyle during this period. Simple and emphasis on function. Unfortunately in Indonesia, this minimalist style so expensive because it is not made of modules that are available and must be custom made.

Distinctive minimalist building is at least ornament and color who tend to be styled 'industry' is a white, gray and black.

Houses do not have minimalism minimalist garden as well. Mix & match (solid-match) of the various garden-style residential homes can make you look more stylish.

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Minimalist Design Style House Widely Used

Architect Design minimalist house developed very rapidly in recent years. We met many people who wanted to use a minimalist style to follow fashion. Usually those who like to force the youngsters, an executive with a dynamic lifestyle, urban lifestyle, and all kind of simple, neat and elegant and this express themselves.

very clear and nothing wrong if the force is not only one of the main architectural styles, but also answers the times are getting "the most out of something at least." These funds may be construction of a minimal, or even a lifestyle that is minimized. various reasons ejected, this force was used because of limited funds, but it can still be reversed limitations of trend following. yes legitimate reason, but there is another sniper stance-a stance that could reduce the cost to be affordable.

Check out the look of the Home Design Minimalism without excessive ornamentation, no trinkets, wearing materials exposed impressed with what is "honest" in appearance, not "lebay". Bak is an executive job with the look of a clean, neat, elegant, practical and express themselves, and for many people this is fun.

There is a reason that this style is one of the main form of protest by the followers understand minimalism on the exploitation of natural resources in an all-out used in vain. There is also that suggests that this "back to basic" because when the incidence in the United States is considered a very positive of a modern movement.

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Tropic Minimalist Home Design Architecture in Indonesia

Tropic Minimalist Home Design Architecture in East Java, Indonesia

The architectural design minimalist house at home is not difficult as the size. We can make some small areas look even bigger then actual size. In Malang, East Java, Indonesia, several small houses adapt to minimize the architectural design tropical house. It uses some of gardening, wall color composition, texture and some home decor.

Minimalist House Design

Minimalist home decor could use some elements such as the use of a small gate, textured floors and gardening. minimalist home architecture design is not really good in the tropical climate. The cause of the high temperature makes the house hotter than a bigger house. But, if the small house architectural design to adapt good air circulation, it will affect the heat problem.

architecture necessary for a small area of the house. It can explore a small area appear larger than it is real.

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Simply Elegant Minimalist Home Design

Simply Elegant Minimalist Home Design

Only a few plans to start building a house of minimalist elegance. We started small so that we can focus on quality. As we grow our commitment is to always represent the only plan that offers high-quality design inside and out. Architectural styles we offer will usually be a modern, livable house interpretation of American Classics. Unique house plans and sophisticated yet simple design of the house like Country, Craftsman, Bungalow, Shingle Style, Cape Cod, Cottage, Colonial and Farmhouse. Can not find the plan you're looking for? Please drop us a note with your suggestions or our custom design one for you.

Classic Comfy

What a fantastic sofa ... in a classic modern fabric. Looking comfy, stylish and sophisticated with its trendy floral accents, the new Forum modular sofa by Linea Italia will create a beautiful statement in a modern or transitional living space. This fabric is a real treat for the eye. Also available in leather or microfiber, and supported by a wooden frame, the Forum sofas are comfortable to boot. Multiple compositions can be obtained using straight and angular modules that are hold together by retractable metal hooks hidden underneath. There is also a pouf that can be added to this fabulous ensemble. Sitting low to the ground, the Forum’s angular dimensions allow it to fit perfectly into any space, whether it’s in the middle of the room or nudged up against a corner.

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Creating a Minimalist Home Design That Embodies "The Luxury of Enough"

Why Houses Minimalist
Creating a minimalist home design that embodies "the luxury of enough" | Minimalist House Design

Why Houses Minimalist?
Many Americans long for a simple life and there are so many books and guides to help us find it in their daily routine and in the workplace. However, most of us are unpracticed in explaining to others (or even ourselves) what a simple house or a minimalist for a truly life would look like. We feel that there is something missing in our hurried routines, but we do not know where to start editing the complexity.

In my book, we began a simple exploration of the 21 homes across the country and the experiences of people who built them. The houses and their owners travel offers an interesting counterpoint to the way most people buy a new home developers in the market today.

Pathways to Home Search
21 houses are arranged in six lines that people use simple ask what really matters to them well in their lives and homes. Ranging from saving for flexibility in design, this track can help you consider your own home and how to simplify it. Roads are as follows:

Simple and minimalist design of the house is enough - A house is minimalist and simple is a positive affirmation of "the luxury of simply" By this we mean that a simple home design begins with finding out how much you really need and what you can eliminate .. Luxury of sufficient means to face the fact that you really do not need eight-burner stove and a larger kitchen for the house. Forty years ago, the utility used to be a bad word in home design. In the 1950s rambler, the utility room is not really a showplace for our guests. But today, many utilitarian buildings such as warehouses and an old barn, is a highly desirable location for new housing and work space. They are designed for pure function for storage and industry, but this time they worked brilliantly for the open-plan living. They offer the luxury of living in a world apart.

simple, minimalist home is often a rectangular, sometimes square, and was always "enough," whether in terms of dormers, the number of bathrooms, or square recordings. At this point, we visit homes that reflect their owners choosing to live instead of images they want to present to the street. This design for "adequate" appear deceptively simple because they really grew out of a lot of careful decision making.

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Beaching It

Outdoors and indoors freely commingle at this California beach house — so much so that it's almost as if the residents had let the breathtaking natural environment colonize thier Santa Barbara home, situated on a spectacular sliver of land clasped between the ocean and a tidal bird sanctuary. A bowl of sand dollars on the entry table greets guests. A rough-cut limestone coffee table is strewn with fine flotsam: an African shell necklace, shell-encrusted bowls, terra-cotta doves and eroded stone spheres. And the multitude of pelicans, curlews, sanderlings and herons that poke and wade and idle outside in the marsh appear to have found new niches inside, represented by a growing collection of avian sculptures and figures that nestle on tables, shelves and books.

Minimalist House Design of Wood

Example of minimalist design of the wooden houses. Design by

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Minimalist House Plan Design by Craftsman

Simple and minimalist design house plans directly from the many houses have been built.

This has been one of the most popular of the Craftsman home design and shown here has been slightly modified from the plan first, modifications and improvements that have been suggested by different people who have built homes, so they are all very valuable as a result of practical experience. Although the picture shows the patch walls and foundations of field stone, the design lends itself quite as easily to a wall of brick or stone, or even for shingles or clapboards, if a wooden house as desired.

Outside the kitchen at the back is only recommended if the house built in this country, because in that city would not be necessary. In such a farmhouse outside the kitchen because it affords the easiest place for outdoor work such as laundry and ironing, canning, preserving and other tasks much less tedious if done in the open. The position of the chimney at the rear of the house to allow the stove to be placed on the porch he was to use it. This house was designed so that the kitchen in the vicinity may be added to or removed, as desired, without making any difference to the overall plan. Plan of the lower story shows the composition of ordinary open Craftsman houses. The entrance opens into the small entries are filtered from the living room by portieres weight, so no draft from the front door is felt on the inside.

Home Design Ideas Home Design Ideas

Home design interior: Outside the living room wall is a fireplace and bookshelves settings, as shown in the picture. A large table was placed in the middle, settle for it by coming back and facing the fire.
Floor Plans minimalist home design

Floor Plans simple home design

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Flower Power

Orange Poppy Flower Power, Coral Poppy Flower Power and Yellow Poppy Flower Power are but three designs in a veritable garden of floral print chairs by the aptly named company, Floral Art. These modern decorative chairs combine color and print in an interesting way, making them as great to look at as they are to sit on. The high-gloss, wood-finish frame holds a clear Lucite backrest with a flower floating at its center – beautiful from front and back! Custom upholstery adds a level of luxury that only comes with high-end furniture.

Minimalist House Design and Simple

Minimalist House Design and Simple: Minimalist House Design

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Minimalist Home with Unique Open Concept Design

Minimalist Home with Unique Open Concept Design

Minimalist Home Designs: CEBRA architect recently completed a house in Danish with a minimalist black and white profile exterior. Sinus's house hoping to have intended to incorporate the large glass area and saw the desire for privacy.

Minimalist House Design

The rooms in the house is conceived as an independent box which together form the central area to live with: Kitchen, family room and living room. Bedroom with own bathroom and toilet is one independent unit. Opposite the bedroom for two rooms placed end to end. Between the rooms there is a break, which can be used by children or adults that you like, or can be used as a third space.

The house appears as a dark mass with a white or cuttings pleatings - almost corresponds to cutting a piece of apple. Surface consists of a dark house with a covered roof and wall pieces and feel of gray bricks and joints dark shiny anthracite. Twigs covered with white plaster and painted.

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Joy Minimalist House Design

Minimalist House DesignJoy minimalist house design | Minimalist Home Designs

Let us pause in our worship and bathroom square footage to calculate the employer's small house or a minimalist joy.
  1. There were fewer places for things to get lost.
  2. You can vacuum more quickly.
  3. Lower heating bills.
  4. There is no room for furniture you can not afford too.
  5. Families spend more time together (because they have no choice).
Here is a picture of a minimalist home community on the web page:

Little House Society is a voice for the Small House Movement. That movement includes movie stars who have proudly downsized into 3000 square meters, happy family of five in the arts and crafts bungalow, multifamily housing in various forms, and more extreme examples, like the people on houseboats and trailers with only a few hundred feet square around them. Relative size, and mainly we promote discussion of the expressway, ecological, economic and psychological excessive housing takes our lives, and what some of us do to live better. This is not a movement about people who pose as "less than thou" but the people make their own choices to live more simple and small but they feel best fits their lives.

I would guess that most people live in small houses do so because of necessity, not choice. However, a small environmental benefits such as greater if they forced you as if you take a vow of poverty.

If Minimalist House Society is successful, the people who are not able to move to a bigger house will probably begin to feel proud of what they do well on this planet. And rich people who think the trade until the 12-room castle with skylight blinds greedy power only may be returned.

No wonder the National Association of Home Builders reported today that the index of builder sentiment fell this month to its lowest level since December.

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Outdoor Entertaining Tips

The warm, pleasant weather of spring just begs to be enjoyed. Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of this season meant for entertaining.

Light Up the Night

Don’t settle for harsh overhead floodlights. Use glass hurricanes to hold tabletop candles so the wind doesn’t blow them out, and position torches around the edges of the party to create a perimeter and cast dramatic shadows

Color Talk

Go for color. Use bright color like melon, fuschia and lemon-yellow to pop against the green. The inclination to use green botanical prints in a garden setting is a natural one, but they will disappear when surrounded by shrubs and plantings.

Trash Talk

Don’t forget to place an attractive trash can nearby to prevent trash from piling up on the table. And make sure it starts out empty!

Sun Salutations

If your party is a daytime event, be sure to provide shade, even if it means renting a tent. There’s nothing worse than watching your guests turn lobster-red before dessert.

Bug It

If you’re not averse to chemicals, spray your terrace or patio with insecticide before the party. For a green approach, plant marigolds around the patio, which are a natural bug deterrent.

Work Surface

Bring an extra table or teacart outdoors. You always need more table surface than you can predict for extra glasses or hors d’oeuvres.

Scents and Sensibility

Plant fragrant blossoms around your terrace, which will release their heady scent at dusk. A few recommendations: Eleagnus, jasmine, mock orange and passion vine.

Light a Fire

Invest in a fire pit and you won’t be able to make your guests go indoors. The mesmerizing effect of the fire works as well outdoors as in and can save your party from a chilly night.

Hot Tunes

Play warm-weather music like salsa or reggae. These tunes were meant to be enjoyed outdoors.

I hope you enjoyed My Houzz Ideas

White House Interior Design

House Interior Design
White house interior design

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How To Design a House That Looks Beautiful Minimalist

How To Design a House That Looks Beautiful Minimalist

Minimalist home pictures, Casa Suntro, worthy to be a source of inspiration. Minimalist white house paint colors of this world by architect Jorge de la Garza Hermandez. Seminal works located on the right to appointed Morelos Mexico because Mexico and Indonesia are both tropical.

Houses in the tropics need to design a comfortable fit for occupancy. Let's see what the Hernandez. This minimalist house still gets a modern twist. White color options for exterior and interior to make the house look spacious. Modern white. In addition, the best view outside the home can be enjoyed from inside the house. Look at how the exotic sights of space inside.

Many people who choose to design dream house fascinated by the shape of the building. As if she would just stop as the home design connoisseur. And not the householder. True owner of the house, it must be able to enjoy everything in the yard of the house.

A Successful design is the design maximizes That all the land, either as a building either as a yard. Remain limited yard space Can be a soothing sight Arranged with if this is neat. Also the house succeeded in maximizing the beautiful Scenery "outside the home.

Tiny garden is minimalist, minimalist styled pool with beautiful views will produce a spectacular scenery. Either as a garden outside or roof (ed) garden, the garden roof, or a park that serves also as a roof.

All of them, just might come from an appropriate spatial arrangement, which was designed from the outset. That is why, since the beginning I did not believe a design can be generated without a survey. Without direct contact with the space, where the designs will be placed.

Contact with the space of land, the deposition process, to appreciate the condition and character of surrounding residents, that's what I mean as designing with heart.

Swing Time

Swing Time

The large veranda on the front porch is the perfect spot for a large daybed swing. Hung with rope and fastened to actual boat cleats, the swing is filled with plenty of pillows and 1940s-inspired barkcloth-covered cushions.

Layering textures and colors gives this outside sitting area a living room feel. Plenty of seating and added accents -- such as a sea grass rug, floor lamps, and balloon vases -- make this a desirable place to relax.

Pieces of furniture are strategically scattered on the porches and breezeway for flexible lounging options. Located off the breezeway (between the screened porch and dining patio) is a beach house staple: the outdoor shower.

Located directly off the indoor living and dining areas, the large upper balcony can be used for dining and lounging. Because the railing is high, the bar-height table and chairs maximize viewing potential and allow glimpses of treetops and the Gulf.

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Home Interior Design Ideas Modern Minimalist

Home interior design
Home interior design ideas modern minimalist

Lighted Patio Umbrella

Illuminate the night with this bright idea – a lighted patio umbrella. These LED umbrellas by Punt Mobles are a must-have for the entertainer who likes to take it outside. Just in time for the warm weather, the Po'light umbrella makes a wonderful focal point on your patio or deck, by the pool or in the yard. Measuring 200 cm high and 180 cm in diameter, this lighted umbrella features a central mast with an internal LED system, topped by a circular, waterproof umbrella while at the base, a metal foot stylishly conceals the electrical connections.