Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Glass Houses

Interior fireplace

If you follow my blog you are aware I love glass houses, this one truly gives you the
experience of bringing the outside indoors. The Fireorb fireplace frees up floor space, and the spindly tables, chairs, and even kitchen counters help the home feel uncluttered.

Santa Monica custom home winner dining room

The dining room opens onto the semi-walled entrance area. The open floor plan and careful window placement eliminate the need for air-conditioning.

Modern prefab home

The result of a design/build class taught by Jennifer Siegal and Michael P. Johnson, it’s a dynamic, livable house that honors Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacy while tackling important design issues of today, from innovative prefabrication to sustainable systems like solar panels and rainwater and gray-water collection.

Landscape and architecture home design

Sustainable features and native plants up the ante on a seamless integration of indoors and out.

Green roof garden

A grassy roof helps keep the kitchen from heating up in warm months.

Sliding doors let evaporation from the swimming pool cool the house.

Urban living apartment building

The use of a structural steel frame allowed for more flexible floor plans: Someday, for instance, units A and C could be combined to make an apartment large enough to house a home office, an aging parent, or a growing family.

Seattle rooftop home roof and view

The roof's deep overhang keeps the rooms cool even though the walls are glass.

Eco-friendly home design

Geothermal systems that heat and cool the house, and solar panels providing power, let this house sit relatively lightly on a dramatic landscape.

Custom-built glass home

This largely glass house slices across the steeply sloping site, taking advantage of the mature trees, which help preserve some privacy.

Montecito custom home

As wildfires often ravage this part of the Santa Barbara coast, the architects chose fire-resistant materials (steel, concrete) for the construction.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dining Room Ideas

beasley orange white dining room

Energizing Palette

Designer Troy Beasley adds vibrant pops of red, orange and blue to this streamlined, contemporary dining room. Neutral gray walls allow the colorful accents to shine.

charming eco friendly dining

Happy Hues

A vibrant yellow and blue color scheme gives this small dining room a sunny and almost tropical aspect. Design by Lori Dennis.

eclectic dining table

A Taste for the Exotic

Designer Angelo Surmelis brings Indian flair to this space with the addition of intricately carved and painted wood panels. He adds interest to the tabletop by layering plates, napkins and chargers in varying colors and patterns.

Designer Troy Beasley opts for a pair of oversized, modern pendants to illuminate this lofty dining room filled with soft grays, warm tans and a fresh pop of pear green.

dining room with family photo wall and sconces

Warm and Family Friendly

Designer Angelo Surmelis creates a warm and inviting space for entertaining with a soft yellow paint color on both the walls and ceiling. Enlarged black-and-white family photos add graphic punch while a dark-stained table and upholstered chairs create an elegant and comfortable place to linger over a home-cooked meal.

dining room modern fixture

Tonal Stripes

Designer Genevieve Gorder creates a bright backdrop with a creamy tone-on-tone paint treatment. A modern, oversized drum pendant and traditional table and chairs painted charcoal gray give this dining room a modern twist.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Colorful Contemporary Kitchens

modern kitchen utilizes reflective stainless steel

Even the slightest touch of color can make a bold statement. Dark wood cabinetry is toned down by the pale-green glass backsplash and the white granite countertops. Lavender chairs and a flowing violet flower arrangement deliver a lively touch of color to this modern kitchen. Design by Daniel Bodenmiller.

Kelly eclectic blue kitchen

A unique peacock feather painted on the ceiling sets the color scheme for this transitional kitchen. The pretty blues of the mural are reflected in the soft wall color and seating, and bursts of orange are found scattered throughout the space. All of the colors are effectively pulled together in the tiled floor and artwork. Design by Ken Kelly.

colorful contemporary carefree kitchen

This kitchen reflects the owner's love for artistic expression. Custom cabinetry made from hand-painted exotic woods creates a creative palette for the space. Stainless steel appliances and hardware work to give the kitchen its contemporary feel. Design by Lou Ann Bauer.

custom enameled cabinetry is unique kitchen design

This kitchen's unique use of color against the taupe cabinetry and pale accessories is both unexpected and elegant. Fresh green walls extend to the ceiling and to the upholstery of the barstools. Green is also reflected in the island's centerpiece. Design by Shelly Riehl David.

Avram Rusu modern kitchen orange

A gorgeous burnt orange adds warmth to this modern kitchen. With crisp stainless steel countertops and white lacquered cabinetry, walnut floors, orange seating and a focal point wall of natural stone balance the modern, sleek look of the kitchen. Design by Andreea Avram Rusu.

dining room blends modern with southwestern flair

A neutral wall color is the backdrop for this transitional kitchen designed with a Southwestern flair. A mix of light and dark wood tones combines well with subtle green dining chairs. Bright orange flower arrangements and a yellow fruit arrangement lend a sunny splash of color. Design by Amy Bubier.

colorful kitchen design is family friendly

This contemporary kitchen gets its burst of color from the unique cabinetry, tileworks and furnishings. Light wood paired with deep-blue cabinet details and barstools provides a bold contrast. Mixed with the other colors, the overall effect is eye-opening and aesthetically pleasing. Design by Lou Ann Bauer.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Minimalist House Design For Young Couples

This is a minimalist home design choice for newly married young couples, because it does not require a large space for both. Minimalist is a pattern of thinking, working, and way of life. This is a new perspective in viewing design as a reflection of urban life is simple really practical, lightweight, efficient, and management. I thought it would seem useful to you young couples who want to create family harmony.

But keep in mind because it is too minimalist would be boring. For that we need a few tricks to design a minimalist home to keep your room look warm. Furniture selection model should also be considered, you must be able to choose the right furniture and of course accessories for your minimalist house with elements of practical and functional which is the basic key in designing a minimalist home.

plant design in the house

Entrance to the garage minimalist home

Multifunctional space design-Living room

Some tips for designing a minimalist home is not easily bored:
  1. Selecting the right material to thicken the minimalist concept will be presented. For example, glass furniture combined with aluminum or wrought iron can you attach it in the room. This is a simple form and can make your room look chic.
  2. The selection of minimalist furniture curtain capable of supporting the impression you want to display in your room. You can try to choose a light novel blind and able to give the impression of dynamic in a minimalist room.
  3. Furniture design company with a precision which is also characteristic of minimalist architecture and furnishings. Therefore, select a table or chair is simple and without ornament. With minimal ornament, we can simplify maintenance and the room will feel more spacious.
  4. Color Selection of minimalist design and stylish furniture should be cautious, the pattern of flowers or colors that are too crowded or less suitable when combined in a minimalist home. Keep the color tone each time to add or replace furniture and furniture accessories in one room.
  5. Whether all the accessories and furniture carefully, but make sure that the room did not impress too full because it can confirm the impression of a minimalist who wants to create. For example you can set the photo frame is bigger, but in small amounts to accent the room.
Kitchen design minimalist home

Staircase design minimalist home

Living room design

Minimalist can also be combined with colored wood furnishings such as furniture dark brown or reddish brown.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Designer's Notes

Display a unique wine cellar by designing it under a stairway. What was previously a coat closet was transformed into a wine cellar with custom wine holders that were created out of solid walnut and stacked in such a way that they create a very architectural feel. Now, the staircase is much more open with glass replacing the drywall, and the entire area went from boring to functional and eye-catching.

From the top of the staircase, the use of tile and wrought iron details balance the curved wall of windows allowing light to brighten this rustic entry. The one-of-a-kind chandelier lantern accentuates the style.

This seemingly simple baluster engages the eye with its intriguing curves and keeps it interesting with its modest detail. Once the eye is focused on this beautiful staircase, it will follow it all the way up, leading to the spectacular surprise at the end, the fabulous ceiling. With its dark walnut beams placed symmetrically on both sides of each of the half moon windows, it is hard not to stare at the exquisite ceiling.
Hammerschmidt contemporary entryway

The client is a serious art collector, so we focus on highlighting their pieces and treated our furniture, light and area rug selections as art themselves. All recessed light fixtures are updated to low voltage lamps and art spotlights are installed throughout to accentuate the photography collection.

Riehl Entry with artwork

A soft-toned wall covering provides a neutral backdrop to showcase exquisite art, a beveled mirror and a hand-crafted curved demilune table in the entry of a Minneapolis loft.

valencich curved staircase chandelier

A round foyer gets touches of color from the upholstered benches.

valencich vases tables

Having multiple vases in different sizes and shapes adds much needed height to a console or table.
valencich staircase vignette

A curved console is a perfect fit against this curved wall. Adding drama around the curved staircase.

Simon contemporary staircase

A sweeping, circular glass stairway with a curved mahogany handrail soars through this home's two-story atrium. The distinct, curved glass steps are clear when seen from the side but opaque from above and below to offer a feeling of solidity as you ascend or descend.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Designer's Notes

Designer's Notes

Mirrors can really create great impact in small rooms without natural daylight, such as hallways. Adding a unique table and an interesting statue would be the added bonus for a conversation piece.


Shown here, the mirror adds dimention to the hallway, and the statue adds the interest I mentioned above.

An entry hall with a center table is functional for placing handbags and packages. Art and sculptures can be showcased in this area for impact.

A colorful work of art against stark white walls is the point of departure for accent colors in this residence. A mirror and a small console are always right in any entry hall; a great place to plop your keys and cell phone as you get ready to relax. A bulky and simple baseboard is in keeping with the contemporary architecture.

A collection of pretty white pottery and rocks on this vignette is quickly contrasted by a leaning flea market painting and industrial metal stencil. A large bundle of wild flowers is a very cheap and easy way to utilize a large vessel. It doesn't always have to be roses. Go for the weeds.

For a large entry way you can place a marble checkerboard floor accentuates the length of this entry hall. When the room permits, a center table makes for an elegant reception. This is the perfect location for a floral centerpiece.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pillow Talk

05 Several pillows on couch

Natural Palette

Green, yellow and brown decorative pillows brighten up a solid tan couch with a natural — but lively — color palette.

Rainbow Hues

This white living room gets its burst of color with an array of vibrant decorative pillows on the window seat and couch.

pillows Colonnade

Vibrant Solids

Solid throw pillows, like these from Company C, can add simple color to a bed or sofa.

living area and open kitchen after

Chic Pink

Small hot pink accent pillows can add a playful touch of color against white pillows and taupe walls.

Clarke asian chair

Classic Red

Designer Elizabeth P. Clarke uses a crisp red pillow against a cream chair for a splash of color.

Hammerschmidt transitional living room white couch

Mellow Yellow

Yellow accent pillows to pop against the crisp white sofa and to complement the pale yellow walls.

contemporary combination living area

Touch of Pumpkin

Pumpkin-colored pillows add a lively visual to the neutral-toned space.