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Modern Kitchen Design - 5 Great Ideas

Planning a modern kitchen design? Well, here are five great bits of advice I can offer you on getting every element of your plans bang on perfect.
Let's start by talking about planning. A modern kitchen could look and feel any number of ways but what will determine how yours looks is your lifestyle. Think about how often you use your kitchen, what you use it for and the type of things you do in there. Then write down all the things you need to have in there to enable you to work better. Planning isn't the most glamorous part of any kitchen design, but you'll be rewarded for your work by the end of the process.

 The second tip is choosing the right materials. You'll want to invest money in strong materials that not only look beautiful and modern but also last for as long as you need them to. Things like stainless steel are popular in modern kitchen design and will also stand the test of time. Make sure you think about every little thing you put into your kitchen and consider if you'll get your value out of it.
Next, incorporate an island into your kitchen. No modern kitchen design is complete without a central unit these days. An island can also be remarkably functional and you can have it purpose built to suit your own needs. For instance, if you do a lot of cooking you can have a sink or chopping board built in. An island is also useful for entertaining guests so if you have a lot of dinner parties, it will usually become the central hub of activity.

Make sure you keep those lines clean. When I say this I mean that in a modern kitchen design, all the surfaces should have very straight edges and line up perfectly. A nifty tip is to ensure you overhead cupboards reach the ceiling. This is something that easily gets overlooked but can really give you that streamline effect, which is essential for a modern looking kitchen.
Last but by no means least; involve yourself in the process from start to finish. If you're passionate about how you want your kitchen to look then make sure you stay on top of the design process right through to the fitting. Designers and builders will take liberties and make key decisions if you don't make yourself clear. Stay involved with the project and see it through to the finish. You'll be rewarded with a stunning modern kitchen.

Thomas Baugh offers more advice on planning a modern kitchen at the Kitchen Design Site.
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Convertible Nursery and Guest Room

Sometimes it is not feasible to create both a nursery and a guest room, so homeowners are forced to combine the two for a convertible nursery and guest room. There are a few different ways to create a room that serves both purposes, but style and comfort should never have to be sacrificed to create suitable and trendy sleeping accommodations for baby and guests alike. The best choice for your space normally depends on the size of the room, availability of resources, decor, and similar issues.
Sleeping Arrangements For Everyone
The biggest issue in the convertible nursery and guest room is often providing a comfortable place to sleep without creating a mismatched style in the room. Choosing hodge-podge pieces, such as a black modern crib for baby with a foldout sofa in a floral pattern for guests, gives the room a thrift store look. Choosing pieces that coordinate will give the room a more finished feel, and a sense of style goes a long way even if the pieces are not very expensive.

 For example, choose a crib and headboard with the same wood finish. Add accessories for storage that have the same wood finish, and coordinate the colors in the room to create a fashionable and comfortable sleeping space for everyone who shares the room.

Storage When Space Is Shared
Storage is another problem area when you design a multi-use room, as everyone needs a bit of space for personal items. Babies require a lot of accessories, but even the occasional guest will need a place for toiletries and a few personal items. The answer is often found in closet organization, under-bed storage, and even closet-door storage ideas.
Make sure that baby's needs are your number one priority, since your little one will be in the room all of the time and guests are often only occasional visitors. Once that is accomplished, use other methods to offer some storage to guests, through a variety of methods. You can save a drawer in a chest of drawers, a shelf in the closet, or a night stand drawer for guest use, or offer a footlocker at the foot of the bed for more storage space. Accessories that offer storage, such as a small table top that can hold small items, are other ways to give an occasional guess a place to tuck jewelry, phone chargers and the like.
Lighting Concerns
Finally, lighting is a concern that not everyone thinks about initially. Babies are often scared by bright lights, and they are off limits during nighttime feedings if you want your little one to go back to sleep. Turning on a bright light for feedings would disturb your guest as well. The solution is usually lighting that is appropriate for day or night use, such as fixtures that have dimmer switches.
The convertible nursery and guest room needs a lamp, sometimes two, so that caregivers can take care of nighttime needs without disturbing guests, and guests still have some light to get ready for bed at the appropriate time.
Alyssa Davis writes for and is a specialist in creating unique interiors with metal kitchen wall art and turtle metal wall art.
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Full Exposure/Part 3

Rebellious roots (© The Modern House)

Rebellious roots

This London house overlooks the Victorian-era Highgate Cemetery. Philosopher and economist Karl Marx and punk impresario Malcom McLaren are just two of the famous figures buried in the backyard. 
The windows are almost entirely frameless on the cemetery side, while the street side is a curtain wall of honed black granite, steel panels and opaque glass, for privacy. The house is listed for $7.97 million.

See-through courtyard (© The Modern House)

Talk about a skylight!!!!

See-through courtyard

Inside, you'll be dazzled by 4,225 square feet of living space with four bedrooms and bathrooms. The kitchen has a retractable skylight that transforms the space into an open-air courtyard.

Staying cool (© The Modern House)

Staying cool

Designed by architect Eldridge Smerin, the house replaced a 1970s structure by John Winter. The idea was to design a building with significantly lower energy consumption than the original but with a greater floor area. The home has a green sedum roof, and its temperature is moderated by its stone and glass construction.

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Luxury Bathroom Designs - Alcove Or Drop-In Whirlpool Tubs

Although there are many design ideas for luxury bathrooms, you can almost bet with certainty that the design will include a whirlpool bathtubs as its centerpiece. If you're a beginner to bathroom design, the very first thing you need to know is which style of whirlpool bathtub fits your style as space. There are two basic types of whirlpool bathtubs: traditional alcove (or apron-style) or drop-in models. There are no hard-and-fast rules, but many of the very upscale, luxurious whirlpool bath tub models seem to favor the drop-in rather than the alcove style.

Alcove tub
Generally speaking, the look of the alcove tub will be just like a regular bathtub. These whirlpool tubs are enclosed by the wall on three sides (and you will get in the tub via the front). Alcove tubs are also called apron tubs after the technical name for the exposed front panel. Some homeowners prefer to install alcove-style whirlpool tubs because they fit well in standard size bathrooms. Not the mention the fact that it is easy to replace your old alcove tub with an updated whirlpool model - just make sure they are the same length, width, and depth. Usually, these whirlpool tubs are cheaper than drop-in styles. The exposed front panel of the alcove whirlpool tub is also removable. This leaves easy access to the motor for maintenance or part replacement.
Drop-in tubs
Drop-in style tubs are often built into a platform or even fitted into the floor! Usually, the platform will be covered with marble, wood, ceramic, or granite tiles. There is a a lot of versatility with where you can place this style of whirlpool tub in your bathroom. You will find different models incorporated into luxury bathroom design as free-standing or even corner tubs. You are also more likely to find two-person models in the drop-in style. Also these model comes in a variety of shapes from square, oval, diamond, heart, just to name a few. You may need to forget about self-installation because these tubs often have complex plumbing requirements, making it necessary to hire a contractor.
In order to pick the right style of whirlpool bathtub, consider this: If you have a tighter budget and are only interested in a single-person model, the alcove whirlpool tub may be right for you. However, if you have more bathroom space, can afford to hire a contractor, and are more interested in one-of-a-kind design, then perhaps the drop-in whirlpool bath tub is the best choice for your luxury bathroom!
Searching for the perfect whirlpool tub at the best price? Visit the Luxury Whirlpool Bath Tubs buying guide for free information, great deals, and money-saving coupons on where to buy discount whirlpool tubs for your next bathroom remodeling project.
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Full Exposure/Part 2

Cameron's house (© Meladee Hughes/Sudler Sotheby's International Realty — Hancock Office)

I designed one house in the woods like this, it felt like the ultimate tree house! There is something soooo serene about looking into the sites of nature that bring  a true sense of calm and meditation to your life.

Cameron's house

Remember the Highland Park, Ill., house of Ferris Bueller's uptight buddy, Cameron Frye, in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off? Well, the iconic house is on the market for $1.65 million — crashed Ferrari not included.

The Ben Rose Home (© Meladee Hughes/Sudler Sotheby's International Realty — Hancock Office)

The Ben Rose Home

Cameron's house is known as the Ben Rose Home, after the noted photographer who owned it. It was designed by A. James Speyer and David Haid and built in 1953.

Into the woods (© Meladee Hughes/Sudler Sotheby's International Realty — Hancock Office)

Into the woods

The ultraswank house is dramatically cantilevered over a ravine. It's also set on more than an acre of gorgeous wooded property.

Star-worthy style (© Meladee Hughes/Sudler Sotheby's International Realty — Hancock Office)

Star-worthy style

Here, you'll find 5,400 square feet of living space, thanks to the enormous dining room, bedrooms and living rooms. Surrounded by glass, this exquisite home has Hollywood style to spare.

How To Choose Your Villa Holiday Interior Design

When deciding what villa you are going to live in during your vacation time it might be worth having some information about its interior design.
In today's modern interior design, simplicity is the key to an efficient design. The contemporary design theme states that any kind of architectural decoration is always dependent on the basic form of the building. The form itself is so beautiful, that the need to further decorate it is not required. Today's modern interiors spaces are simple to understand, simple to construct, and project a kind of simplicity. In the villas with contemporary design every element has an order.

Traditional Design
The term traditional house is frequently used when someone can't be more precise about a particular style. Traditional home can be many floor plan types, including ranch floor plans, two story or even 1 ½ story home plans. Styles such as colonial, country, or Victorian are often lumped together as traditional house plans in many villas.
Victorian Design
Victorian-style is named after The Victorian era.
Victorian-style interior tends toward the frilly and feminine. Patterns, which often include floral designs, are used heavily. Also, it is characterized by an excess in terms of furniture carving, textiles, trims, wallpapers and embellishment in general. Fabrics are often velvets, damasks and needlepoints, and the most popular colors include eggplant, bottle-green and red.
When it comes to the wood, Mahogany and oak were especially popular; walnut is also found. Marble tops and marbleized wood were mainstays in Victorian furniture, and faux and real bamboo was used, too.
The windows wear grand, billowing styles with luxurious gathers, swags and tassels that might overlay intricate lace panels.
Floors were from hardwood, possibly with an inlaid design, or small ceramic tile. They were warmed up with elaborately patterned area rugs, including Oriental rugs and floral.
French country design
France is among the leading countries in Europe as a source of creative talent in the field of design. French design suggests a "French way of living"
French decorating has few design boundaries and includes the design look of a French country farmhouse and villas as well as grand French country chateaus. Accents of Salado's Country French style collections will give you ideas for wall color and fabric selection with stylish design. French country design kitchen are full of cheerful color and expression, scenes of French country life and Parisian cafes, baskets and terra cotta vessels filled with flowers and fruit. Also colorful ceramics, terra cotta vessels and copper pots will add interest to a French country decor.
French Country furniture can be simple or elegant in design. It can be fashioned from rustic woods or fine hardwoods. French Country furniture often includes accents of iron, marble, tapestry, leather or tile.
High ceilings are characteristic in today's French Country style home and villas construction.

French Country colors and themes include grapes, wine and vineyards, hillside flowers and farm and country life. Think golden sunflowers, creamy stucco walls in an old building, luscious green and red veggies, a clear turquoise lake or the rich burgundy of aged wine and you have some possibilities for French Country style colors.
Oriental Design
These kinds of themes have a still drilled down niche design themes, such as country, rustic, vintage, elegant, etc... One of the major things about these kinds of themes is that much emphasis is given on the natural beauty of any material. These designs are close to nature or are shown to be close to nature. These styles are very rarely found in the urban city interiors. Mostly the countryside homes adopt these kind if themes, to replicate the flora and fauna of the outside environment.
All these natural patterns are seen on wallpaper patterns, decorative lamps, curtains, furniture upholstery and wall paintings.
High-tech Design
High tech architecture is based on "the spirit of the age". The style is based on industry, the basis of the current "age" which is characterized by extreme rates of technological advancement. As a result, high tech buildings are built to look like functional and efficient machines, using metal and glass as building materials. However, functionality is often lost to aesthetics which are also often more important than the cost.
Another convention of high tech architecture is the tendency to expose structural elements and services. High tech buildings often have pipes and ventilation ducts on external walls even if it means sealing and insulating each one separately, while others have highly exposed steel frames. Such exposure suggests an industrial theme, but also creates "serviced zones" rather than "rooms", with spacious interiors free of internal ducts and pipes.
High tech architecture is unsuited to an urban environment, requiring freestanding buildings and spacious areas to fulfill its potential. It has been noted that high tech buildings in enclosed spaces look out of place and their box-like shapes are only slightly altered to accommodate the various streets surrounding them. Secondly, high tech buildings seem to control the environment around them rather than adapting to it, as is required in the city.
High-tech design areas feature stainless steel, metal tubing, chrome and black accents. Kitchens often feature an industrial look with sleek metallic appliances and storage cabinets. Glass block or curving transparent window glass may be set in a wall.
For a choice of Villa holidays.
Alison White
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Home Office Desk: Campton Smart Technology Office Armoire

Home Office Desk - Computer Desk

Our artfully crafted armoire works well in rooms of all sizes. Deeply paneled doors wrap around to the sides to reveal a generous workspace.
  • 41.5" wide x 19.5" deep x 73" high
  • Handcrafted with a kiln-dried hardwood frame.
  • The space above has six reconfigurable slots and two cubbies with adjustable shelves.
  • A Smart™ strip in the main compartment provides a centralized plug-in point for laptops, cameras and more.
  • The cabinet below has a pullout keyboard tray; Adjustable shelves on the left can be removed to accommodate a CPU; on the right, there’s a pullout printer tray with a lateral file.
  • Hand finished in lacquer that is distressed and weathered for a timeworn patina.
  • Wood swatches, below, are available for $25 each. We will provide a merchandise refund for wood swatches if they're returned within 30 days.
  • Fitted with blackened ring pulls.
  • Tip resistant kit included.
  • Catalog / Internet only.
Source: potterybarn

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Desk Furniture: Whitaker Vanity Desk

Desk Furniture

American country furniture of the 17th and 18th centuries is prized by collectors for its sturdy craftsmanship and graceful design. This desk features all of the best details, such as turned legs, decorative brackets and rosette-style ring pulls.
  • 55" wide x 24" deep x 30" high
  • Crafted with gracefully turned solid wood legs.
  • Equipped with spacious drawers with rosette-style ring pulls.
  • Use as a desk or a vanity.
  • Finished by hand using our exclusive multistep technique for exceptional depth of color.
  • View and compare with other collections at Bedroom Furniture Facts.
  • Simple assembly.
Source: potterybarn

Full Exposure/Part 1

Full exposure: Ultra-cool glass houses (© x-ray delta one)

Here I go again, if you follow my blog, I love, love, love glass houses!!!!!!
People who live in glass houses …
A modernist statement — the use of industrial materials such as glass and steel for domestic home construction .
These homes blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces and are studies in transparency and reflection.
The saying that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones predates the building of the first glass home, but it certainly is good advice for anyone looking to live in one.
Glass homes continue to make statements in residential design, though it does take a certain kind of person to feel comfortable with all that exposure. Life in a modernist fishbowl requires either a lot of chutzpah or plenty of private acreage — not to mention some tight security to keep those gawkers away.
For now, take a look at the best see-through homes on the market.

The Glass Pavilion (© Suzanne Perkins/Sotheby's International Realty)

This is MY choice, love the white and clean lines, I'm ready to move in!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Glass Pavilion

This Montecito, Calif., home was designed by Phillip Steve Hermann, who also designed homes for singer Christina Aquilera and comedian Lenny Bruce. It's going for a cool $35 million.
The Glass Pavilion is set within a 3.5-acre estate of oak groves in one of the wealthiest communities in the U.S. Inside – if you can call it that – is more than 14,000 square feet of living space.
The foundation (© Suzanne Perkins/Sotheby's International Realty)

WOW, WOW, I LOVE this room!!!!!!!!!!! Takes my breath away!!!!

The foundation

The home is almost entirely constructed of glass, with massive structural steel beams, and took six years to build. The large glass panels are Star Fire Glass, an incredibly clear glass often used for jewelry displays. The multiple fireplaces are made of statuary marble.

Extra space (© Suzanne Perkins/Sotheby's International Realty)

Extra space

The home has five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, a grand hallway and a large wine room. It also includes an art gallery where the architect, who designed the home for himself, displays his vintage car collection. The space accommodates more than 30 cars within its walnut-lined walls.

The view (© Suzanne Perkins/Sotheby's International Realty)

First of all you will need a lot of acreage for privacy, but I could do about serenity!!!!!

The view

Bathe within full view of the outdoors in an Antonio Lupi free-standing tub. Fortunately, there is plenty of security to keep the peeping toms at bay. The home is in a gated estate at the end of a long driveway and comes equipped with a high-tech security system.

Living Room Design for Tiny Homes

You do wish you could have them be greeted him in grand style with a living room that really jumps out there with its brightness, spaciousness and magnetism. It can't be easy though to do any of that with a living room space to work with that is nothing if not small. If the space you have to work with is rather small, your time has come. Designers have had handkerchief-sized urban apartments to deal with for long enough now that the market is ripe with lots of great living room design ideas just for you.
It's easy to bring too much stuff into your living room design in an attempt to lighten things up. The first rule of dealing with design in small spaces however is that you want to avoid clutter at all costs. Lots of stuff makes for a crowded and busy-looking space. Most modern designs aim for minimalism. This is what you want to take up for a space that's chic and cheerful.
 A modern design will often make a space look more open and roomy both with a partiality for a lean design theme, and also with a choice in materials that is bright and spare enough to enhance a spacious look.
Which is not to say that all you need to do is to choose a bright color, and you are well on your way. Picking a color palette for your living room design can go a lot deeper than that. You could easily pick a darker or more vibrant shade than most people recommend; you could get away with it, if you don't switch colors from one wall to another. A room with the same color all over will easily look larger than one with colors that change from wall to wall. Furniture placement can have a lot to do with how spacious your living room design appears too.
The principles of feng shui dictate that you never place furniture close to the doors that are used to enter a living room. Even if you don't buy the whole Eastern philosophy thing, this is a rule that really makes a lot of sense for an illusion of spaciousness. But you need to pick furniture that isn't overlarge. A medium-sized or compact sofa can seat people just as well as a larger example, it can leave a lot of breathing room behind in the room. Not having a lot of space to lay out a living room never meant compromising on style. The style part is something that is purely up to you.
Read more about author in:
tiffany style lamps
air mattress beds

Popular Living Room Design Ideas

Decorating a living room shouldn't be too extravagant and expensive. If you are in a tight budget, you can always do it yourself instead of hiring an interior designer; but if you can afford to hire a good designer, then why not. You can plan ahead and check for designs on the internet or magazines to visualize the effect on your actual living room.

Classic design is what most homes have. It is in everyone's comfort zone until people want to break free. Generally this style has warm textures and offer a cozy, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The furniture has sharp edges that make it quite distinct. Some people will live their lives in such a homey ambient and will not change it for the world.

The Mediterranean look can be popular and easy to create. Colors will reflect those found in nature, such as sky blue and sea green. Make use of archways and terracotta tiles. Furniture can extend from simple and functional to bronze, wrought-iron, and formal.

When planning for a living room design treatment, think of the entire family's needs. If you are single, it would be an easy thing to do to think of your needs, however, most homeowners have some type of family, or roommate situation to consider. Thus, it is first necessary to look at their needs, before designing your idea of a perfect living room.

The use of traditional materials like bamboo and rattan can also make the central theme for designing the interior of a living room. Once you decide on using such a material, the other decorating and furnishing also seems to be automatically decided.

The clash of these two very different styles could have meant an awful compromise. Instead the best of both was retained and the result was magnificent. The straight lines, symmetry and control of the Palladian style served to restrain the more excessive fluidity and glitz of the rococo interpretation.

There are a few traditional kinds of fabrics that will work well in this room. It should be quite understated such as a stripe. You can also really just experiment and play around a lot with texture. For instance, you can mix and match different microsuedes and leathers. This is a very popular look. Sometimes the base of the sofa will be a chocolate brown leather and the cushions will be a tan or sage green.

The latest popular trend in decorative painting for the living rooms is creating a fake effect of popularly known as faux effect. You can achieve a brick like appearance to your walls or even a marble look. More creatively, the paint can be used to produce an artificial, yet real looking leathery or suede textures that give a very sophisticated look to living rooms.

To hide the electronics, lattice doors can be fitted which still let the remote controls of your television work even when they are closed. All this can be designed and does not need to break the bank.

Other choices that might often help to make a final selection is whether the lamp has a dimmer switch. Also, popular features include whether it lights up the floor or the ceiling above it; if it is adjustable in height; and whether the light itself can be angled and moved around easily.

Installing the vinyl type floorings are another great flooring idea. Resilient type floors are not only being used for kitchens and bathrooms for their looks but also for the fact they are better in those humid conditions. The availability of these vinyl floorings in colors and patterns is making them popular world wide.

Your choice of living room furniture can be coloured by advertising, availability of the desired pieces and prices but ultimately the end purchase is a subjective choice reflecting your personal preferences. Where you purchase is also a personal whim but more and more customers are shopping on line and are finding real bargains.

Living Room Design Ideas

Some examples of the popular living room design suggestions that you might find online and in various home design mags :

1)  Classic-Modern Design is among the most typical living room designs. Houses that have Classic-Modern style design enjoy typically the relaxing feel and texture of the living space. If you've got an extraordinarily geometrical or sharpened rimmed space, toning and softening it with textures is the way to do it.

2) Hawaiian-inspired Design isn't so tough to realize. Always remember the major elements : hand-made local ornaments and accessories, woven furniture, bamboo and naturally the signature bold floral prints. If you adore the Hawaiian sun, sea and flora, you can incorporate these aspects when making arrangements for your living room design.

3)  Modern Zen Design is created to chill and bring comfort into your living space. This living room design suggestion is kind of well-liked today particularly for people who wished to have balance and comfort in their home. Having a focus in your living room and accents to balance the style are the main ingredients. Incorporate a natural feel by opening up the room and letting in some natural light completes the Zen feel.

4)  Tropical Style brings in the outside color pallets. The lush greens and yellows of natural flora are only two of commonest colours you will find in a tropical . Select colors that are found naturally like the colour of trees, plants, flowers and fruits. Think about a tropical forest or a market full of tropical fruits to induce your design.

5)  Victorian Style living rooms are plush and stylish. You would typically find Victorian Style living rooms in Victorian style houses and hostels. The key here is classic complex style with a dash of colour and texture. Victorian style living rooms talk of opulence.

Whatever living room design you am thinking, ensure that it'll fit your requirements and way of life. Make efforts to consult from a designer who knows how to deal with a restricted budget and complies with what you need. And do not ever forget to select the design that you'll enjoy for a very long time.

The Best Living Room Design Ideas

Design for its purpose
What this means is that decide what you are going to be doing in your living room and then select what fits that purpose best. If you have young children then you should bear that in mind when you are making your furniture selections.

Create a conversation area
If you are going to be using your living room for many different things then you might consider sectioning off an area for a conversation zone. Also, if children are going to be using the room you might consider confining their play area to a far side of the living room.

Buy quality furniture
High quality furniture last longer and keeps it value longer. If you are on a limited budget then you may consider purchasing a nice leather sofa and then adding onto the ensemble at a further date. It is better to buy a small amount of good furniture then a lot of low quality furniture that is doomed to slowly fall apart.

Use your lighting creatively
Always remember that lighting plays a large part in an over all decorating scheme. Try to avoid having direct lighting when it can best be focused on a wall. The paint color that you use for your walls can also have a great overall effect on your design scheme as well.

A Successful Living Room Design Project

If a schematic plan of the home is drawn it can be easily concluded that in almost every home plan the living room has got maximum area in unit squares.
This itself is an indication that the living room is a space that needs some good attention during the entire home decorating project.
Let's try to note down some essentials of a good and successful living room design.
1) Clear Circulation Space
In any home plan whether it is an apartment block or an independent bungalow a person either enters an "entrance lobby" or directly in the living room (if space is an issue).

 From this living room entrances open to all other spaces namely kitchen, bedrooms, staircases if any, patios, study rooms, family rooms etc..
That's why while designing a furniture layout it must be kept in mind that the circulation is unobstructed. this can be easily achieved by creating a sample furniture layout on paper first and then the furniture arranged thereafter.
2) Visual Balance
Create a good visual balance between the used and unused spaces. By used space I mean the floor that has been occupied by the furniture pieces.
It is not necessary to fill every corner of the living room with some furniture element. But as mentioned above a bare minimum circulation space is a must.
Since the main entrance of the entire home is only through the living room (most of the times) allow buffer space to carry the other heavy furniture pieces that are to be placed in the bedrooms such as double beds, wardrobes etc.
All these object need to carried through the living room and installed in the bedroom. So think for your entire home, not just the living room.
3) Future Emergency Occupancy
Think about what will happen if you throw a party at your place. All your friends/relatives/colleagues will gather in the living room.
So plan for this extra occupancy. What will you do in such situations for seating.
Will you move your dining chairs in the living or will people stand or even sit on the ground. Whatever your decision plan for future.
4) Ventilation
If the living room is considerably large, than in most cases it also has a higher ceiling. This is very perfect for the proportions of the space.
So think about ventilating this space naturally and artificially as well. If you are going to use fans then will these be hung from the ceiling or be wall mounted.
5) Warm and Welcoming Color Scheme
As a general rule always keep your living room charming using bright color scheme, that has a welcoming attitude.
As mentioned above the living room is the first space you will see when you enter you home, so make it a point to use inspiring colors of your choice to add a touch of beauty.
Use of indoor flowering plants around the window bottom is also a great way to add some extra interest in the living room.
In this article I have tried to throw some light upon the living room design ideas, I hope this helps as a starting point for you to think more creatively to decorate your living room.
A Successful Living Room Design Project

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Kids Wall Decorations Ideas 2011

Images For Kids Wall Decorations Ideas 2011Images For Kids Wall Decorations Ideas 2011

Kids Wall Decorations Ideas 2011 PictureKids Wall Decorations Ideas 2011 Picture

Kids Wall Decorations Ideas 2011 PhotoKids Wall Decorations Ideas 2011 Photo

Pictures Of Kids Wall Decorations Ideas 2011Pictures Of Kids Wall Decorations Ideas 2011

Vintagids Wall Decorations Ideas 2011Vintagids Wall Decorations Ideas 2011