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Bright Idea

Book Lamp. Designed by Ragip Erdem.

Designers are getting inventive with their use of old books. Not too long ago we saw Not Tom’s Book Bookshelf, which is actually made of unwanted books, both paperback and hardcover (Not Tom does Not discriminate). And designer David Karoff presented Book Chair, a chair constructed of repurposed paperbacks.
Now Ragip Erdem is using old hardcovers to make lamps. The transparently titled Book Lamp (and why not be obvious, since you want people to see the light?) uses one tome to create a unique lighting fixture.

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Available as a table light or pendant light, Book Lamp uses all the parts of the book: pages, spine, and front and back covers. The idea behind the design is to emphasize the metaphorical beauty of the book, as well as to take advantage of the book as an object, which may be disappearing as it gets replaced by digitized versions. The romance of the book struck designer Erdem quite early: “When I was in high school just glancing at my books on the book shelves used to take me to the exotic worlds.” His Book Lamp attempts to harness “that lost mysterious feeling.”

Book Lamp. Designed by Ragip Erdem.

But Book Lamp works on a literal level as well, celebrating books as objects, turning them “into sculpturesque icons.” As such, Book Lamp is steeped in the atmospheric and the symbolic. The light it emanates works to set a mood; it is not meant to be used as a task light. Designer Ragip Erdem will custom make any order based on your literary tastes. Art and coffee table books lend themselves quite well to the creation of Book Lamp, which leaves open a world of possibilities. While he has completed Book Lamps around titles such as Maui and Chocolate, the possibilities are as far-reaching as the entire history of literature. You can create a beaming beacon out of fantastic fairy tales or weighty world histories.



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Closet Design For Children

Closet Design For Children.Closet Design For Children is the most important thing for your child, maybe some people have neglected the needs of a child, below are designed for your child's closet.

Above is a design for your child's closet, the shape and size of the medium, and size that are easy to make your child's bedroom arrangement anda.Keindahan place in your child's bedroom will be reflected by the inherent beauty of the color of paint on the closet, everyone must would say that the closet was tanpak beautifully tailored to the size of the room her room, so do not carelessly you should choose for your closet, because your baby will feel comfortable with the atmosphere of his bedroom.

Library Of Textures (Part 1)

Library of Textures (Part 1)
Library of Textures (Part 1)


black wall lighting, Italian lighting, modern home lighting, wall sconce, white wall light

Who knew that the new lighting fixture called Polia by Manuel Vivian for Axo Light was conceived after the designer read a book called “Hypnerotomachia Poliphili”? Apparently within the covers of a book - whose lengthy title means “Poliphilo’s Strife of Love in a Dream” - wandering dreams are written down by the emblematic Italian Renaissance writer, Francesca Colonna.


Like a book of light blowing open in the wind, Polia keeps on of its sides firmly planted against the wall. Pale in color it does not seek more attention than its glowing shade deserves. In fact, the overgrown sconce uses its “novel appearance” to make us think of its resemblance instead of its personalized spin on lighting design. Recommend alone or in pairs, the Polia collection can be used in public or private settings. It can rest vertically or horizontally against the wall as if it is opening up due to gravity or a strong gust of wind. Either way, the design fits well into its surroundings that may include bedrooms, living areas, lounges, or maybe even a lucky library.


Whether you’re into books, lighting, or the fixtures that find a place fusing the two, this Polia Light by Manuel Vivian for Axo Light can help guide the way as you wander through your dreamworld.

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Urban Minimalist Type Homes

Modern minimalist house design, fits in the wake on the outskirts of urban areas. minimalist home is one of the dream for everyone. because it can reduce the use of building materials and more efficient.

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Exotic Kitchen Cabinets Design, New Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas, Kitchen Cabinets Design Inspirations, Perfect Kitchen Cabinets Design Pictures

Perfect Kitchen Cabinets Design PicturePerfect Kitchen Cabinets Design Picture

Or offer a small space, with a design that sooths your temper with your kitchen design and composition over the years - kitchen cabinet design gives your kitchen. Choose a suitable design can be done with the help of a professional or you can become an expert with various designs and styles that are available in magazines and do it yourself guide to kitchen design.

Kitchen Cabinets Design InspirationsKitchen Cabinets Design Inspirations

To select a beautiful cabinet design, it might be useful to consider the availability of space and equipment that need storage space. Very significant in tidying up the kitchen cabinets, drawers close attention this way. Kitchen cabinets can be mixed with the overall design and even in homes all over the kitchen. For smaller kitchens, color is very important to turn your small space seem larger and cabinet design can make room to expand. A kitchen with a wider space can be more with cabinets that can be mixed glamorously kitchen is filled with color and brightness.

New Kitchen Cabinets Design IdeaNew Kitchen Cabinets Design Idea

Colors can be perfectly fit your style. For satisfaction of its cabinets design, kitchen walls and ceiling and paint them yourself. Doing that allows you to save money in your budget. When it comes to choosing cabinets, it is often overlooked and forgotten as part of the kitchen, which will be a very significant part of the house or your home. This is no doubt that the kitchen is one of the most used part of the house. Having a complete design - a mix of cabinet, color and materials used, as intended through the years. Sometimes our choices are also under strong pressure from the funding available. However, it would be wise to become flexible and to get rid of the pessimism in the budget. When under this condition, but not enough time to lose sight of your period.

Exotic Kitchen Cabinets DesignExotic Kitchen Cabinets Design

Many cabinets can also be purchased pre-assembled and are available primarily in their interest to be purchased from shopping malls. Buying pre-assembled cabinets can be a problem this way, the following tips can be useful when preparing for cabinetry and made plans accordingly. The first step is to choose your favorite door style and finish. If you do this online, the list of sites offering various kitchen designs. However, most online sites to help customers link to their questions. Make sure you are able to see the real picture and also some of its material resources.

Go directly to store or display / retail area will be suitable for those times. This allows you to investigate and evaluate first hand the physical materials in the cabinet. The second step is to design your kitchen with cabinets and storage space.List of Czech design and printing will be your next step. This represents about style, value and product code for each door style is selected, and the need to satisfy your design. After this step, the next game will be full of the necessary requirements for setting up the kitchen door and find your dream.

Perfect Photo Collections; Beautiful Home Decor Liquidators, Creative Home Decor Liquidators, Special Home Decor Liquidators

Best Home Decor LiquidatorsBest Home Decor Liquidators

Beautiful Home Decor LiquidatorsBeautiful Home Decor Liquidators

Perfect Home Decor LiquidatorsPerfect Home Decor Liquidators

Special Home Decor LiquidatorsSpecial Home Decor Liquidators

12 Generous Wood Accents Interior Idea

All the wooden room interior design inspiration below is designed by  Marc Canut. Creative house ideas with generous wood accents are what characterize this meticulous series and here, the designer display to us how versatile and stunning wood able to be. Who knew wooden interior themed was like this minimalist, yet naturally beautiful accent in every room of your house? Many people already know that wood has always been one of our mainly oft used materials both in interior decorating space and architecture design. Because of it is not only priceless for its durability, but in addition for its versatility. And it knows how to entirely make over a room while used in the right way.

Usually, wooden interior design would be fairly a task to gel in timber walls through white interior color schemes. Other than someway the whole thing just works in this idea. A contemporary wooden floor and wooden stand-in shower, harmonize the egg-shaped tub furniture and 4 leaf clover wall art of this nature-inspired simple bathroom decor. It’s actually wood able to creates the dining room look elegant, slightly rustic and modern, yet concurrently sleek and polished. It is sophisticated, however practical enough for the small or large kitchen.  Yes, wood adds a small piece of an edge to a retro-futuristic living room style and hallway designs. VIA

Shape Leaves an Amazing Light by Ross Lovegrove

Design a beautiful lamp by  Ross Lovegrove with leaf-like shape is very attractive for their collection. Lights pleasant room with friendly lighting in the eye. Beautiful design very lamp fabulous and encouraging. Leaf lamp style inspired to do the activities that please. The materials used to make the choice of quality materials. Unique, beautiful style and is a model of this lamp. With a touch of white jewel lights then becomes a more elegant form. Modern lamp design is a breakthrough new leaf for you to get a fancy lighting. Activities will be attracted by the lights of this. Modern lamp design featuring a design reminiscent of a fresh and beautiful environment. VIA

Perfect DIY Home Decorating Photos, Elegant DIY Home Decorating Pictures, Special Indian DIY Home Decorating

Special Indian DIY Home Decorating Special Indian DIY Home Decorating

Elegant DIY Home Decorating PictureElegant DIY Home Decorating With Your Photos

Perfect DIY Home Decorating PhotoPerfect DIY Home Decorating Photo

Beauty DIY Home Decorating ImageBeauty DIY Home Decorating Image

Stylish DIY Home Decorating IdeasStylish DIY Home Decorating Ideas

Color and atmosphere. Most apartments and houses with white walls and standard. Boring! To add some color, too, is the problem? In fact, there is no easier way to change the color, look and feel of the room using the lamp. They simply cut: You can take them across the border, you stick to the ceiling of the room. All red lights and the room it appears in red. You can even have more than one color, select the plug and put it in blue, green is the future. Simple and affordable. To enhance the effect, you can change the color of light in "the light bulb." Since there are many children like the emo-light environments, this is an ideal choice. Even the ordinary can be a white lights in the room, the light does not change much.

So Original Table Texture

So original table texture
So original table texture

Minimalist Home Design in La Habra Heights, California

Home design can not decide what you want? Most people choose a house design minimalist. The first step towards planning to build your house. Via: asis-leif,com

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Texture Used For The Body Of

Texture used for the body of
Texture used for the body of

James DeWulf

Cage Pendant

James DeWulf, innovative Los Angeles designer, known for his original creations in concrete has applied his ingenuity in another medium to create stunning light fixtures. Photo above shows the hammered cast iron pendant. Below is the Triton pendant. Made of solid brass, the Triton is sand cast at a foundry to create a texture that plays with the light in a beautiful and unique way.

Triton Pendant

When asked about his reasons for moving into another medium, DeWulf comments, “I like materials that last and are real.  My mission in life is to bring beautiful things into the world and I do my best to let these come from my deepest self.”  As for the Triton Pendant, he went on to say, “The Triton Pendant is a celebration of light.  The design is a control of negative space while the fixture honors and protects the light.”  For more information about James DeWulf and his designs go to

Texture For The Floor

Texture for the floor
Texture for the floor

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Modern Minimalist House Design by Zen

Modern minimalist house design drawings by Zen. Via Sulit.

Wood Texture In Beiz Graphic

Wood texture in Beiz Graphic
Wood texture in Beiz Graphic

Pergola's and Patios

Dennis covered patio

This is simply breathtaking, the setting is so serene and the view isn't bad either!!! With its warm earth tones and luxurious fabrics, this covered patio allows the comforts of a living room to expand into the outdoors. The heavy outdoor curtains provide privacy and shade.

Designed by Jamie Durie, this stunning sunken outdoor dining room offers the best views of the surrounding countryside and cozy seating that invites lingering at the table long after dinner.

Built by architect Thom Oppelt, the design of this stunning patio and home was inspired by the expanded estates of the Tuscan countryside. Image courtesy of Gene Northup, Synergy Sotheby's International Realty


Colorful layers of sandstone serve as a divider between undulating hardscape and landscape and also provide durable built-in seating. Design by Jamie Durie

A Moroccan-style pergola creates a relaxing, shady spot for this Florida yard.