Friday, June 17, 2011

A train for breakfast

I do not usually eat breakfast boiled egg and toast, but if someone served me breakfast so in this train I might encourage you. Is a design Reiko Kaneko, A very fun and different idea of ​​how to present the most important meal of the day, perhaps also in the place of the egg can be placed a little jam on toast that I like more.

This type of Trays or services of table original and fun ways to have several advantages, firstly it is necessary to keep them indoors, on the contrary if we let the light serve as ornament in the kitchen or dining room. On the other hand, if home is children with problems of lack of appetite first thing in the morning, play a bit with the train can be a good way to convince them to take breakfast.

As far as we place on the train, taking the gap to the toast, the rest is easy to solve, we can always supplement the train with other container. In my opinion only lacks a detailIt would be perfect if it had a fireplace and place to place a flowerAnd the system would be ideal to bring breakfast to bed and hope one day someone dear.

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