Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cozy House Design in Italy

This cozy house design in Italy by Italian architects Damilano Studio sets the stage for luxury living and contemporary tastes. This glass wall house has a light, airy quality without being minimalist or cold. With a unique multi-level layout, private yet connected living areas bring the best of both worlds. And yet another cozy "layer" of this house plan can be found outside its walls. For every indoor level, there is an outdoor entertaining area equivalent overlooking the piece de resistance – this swimming pool house truly has it all! Interiors are clean and cool, but with nature at every turn, both in its styling and materials as well as the ever-present views. Even the bathroom offers a bit of the great outdoors through its open concept design overlooking a large window and frosted-glass walls, for privacy. Damilano Studio Architects
via Contemporist

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