Friday, June 17, 2011

Using a television as a room divider

When we have to decorate a room that serves multiple uses, ideally, furniture (or textiles, if you use a carpet) and room dividersBut the truth is that there are other options we should consider. In the image above these lines are what they used to separate room from the kitchen is television.

Maybe the idea you like more or less, but we must recognize that putting television between the two environments we can make a visual and even physical separation in order to have two areas in a room. If you urge to put a television as a room divider, you have to think about where are the cables since they often go to the wall and if you have no wall can become a problem.

Another thing you have to look back is if there is any other source of light that spoils our view of the apparatus, or mentalizaros that you have to lower the blinds when you want to see your favorite program. My recommendation is that do them a table with wheels for putting up the TV and so will gain a flexible space that you can configure as you please.

In summary, use television as a room divider I think a good idea but will have to make plans about how to lay it not to meet you with surprises once you have in house.

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