Monday, February 28, 2011

Interior Apartment Decoration

Apartment Decoration IdeaApartment Decoration Idea

Apartment decoration shows the mindset of the owner. Reflect the sense of beauty through home decoration. Depending on the area of home decoration and also budget. Overall, the trend gradually decorated apartment from time to time. The main reason is budget, as spending a lot of money just after buying an apartment can be difficult sometimes. Let some of the main points discussed for the interior decoration of our apartments:

Luxury Apartment DecorationLuxury Apartment Decoration

1) The important thing to decorate your apartment to paint walls, doors and windows. Paint the walls in general lighting, while the doors and windows are dark. It can make a good match, as furniture and other facilities can not house any color of light. Room walls are always preferred very light, because it is soothing to the eye.
2) Another basic is that the space of an apartment complex designed to fit a small table, sofa and tea for the guests. Dining space should be separate and preferably near the kitchen. Decorations may be used if the wood furniture or other materials.

Apartment Decoration ImageApartment Decoration Image

3) The doors and windows must be vigilant good looking curtain wall with paint, doors and windows match.
4) lights mounted to the wall looks classy when its good design and proper lighting play into every corner of the house. Materials used in house building is also an important factor.
5) If the apartment is small, you can space the illusion of a flat mirror for use.
6) many things in the house needs to be hidden from public display. This can save space, keeping windows and sometimes above or within the Court.

Apartment Decoration PhotoApartment Decoration Photo

Apartment Decoration PictureApartment Decoration Picture

Mungle Contemporary Office Desk

Unique design office desk.
Office Desks
Contemporary through its bold design, the Mungle Office Desk by Greek designer Dimitrios Tsigos is a sleek interpretation of forms and geometry. Using a digital design technique, the designers were able to create intricate designs with the help of simple elements.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Floral Compliments



Wedding invitations in 3 dimension, a friend of mine, Michele Eddins is expanding her designs into these lovely invitations. More exquisite photos below, reveals her lovely accessories, if you are planning a wedding or know someone who is, you owe it to yourself to visit her site. Click on the title of this post to go directly to her site.


This tassel can be used as a drapery tie back or an accent on a lamp switch. I feel it would be fun to add it to each plate if you are having a rehearsal dinner, as a gift for bridesmaids, etc.


Michele makes lovely chokers and will customize them in your colors.


The clutches and purses are a vintage one of kind for a fun yet glamorous touch!!!


This lovely decanteur is one of my favorites for your bedroom or bathroom!!!

This gorgeous mirror can be custom made especially for you, the perfect keepsake.
Michele also makes hair bands and barretes, again, just tell her your colors and she works her majic.
No job is too large or too small for Michele, she takes pride in her vintage pieces, the detail feflects the whole story!!! 

Rainbow Desk: Design of a Wood Desk

Desk design examples of some types of wood. desk like a classic design.

Made from a combination of walnut, sycamore, elm, oak and yew, the Rainbow Desk gathers a beautiful collection of wood types in a single desk. Designed by the furniture artist Allan Lake, the Rainbow office desk celebrates the diversity of British native hardwoods. Four layered legs support the beautifully crafted workspace.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Choose Floor Decorating Ideas

Fish Scales Ceramic Floor Decorating IdeasFish Scales Ceramic Floor Decorating Ideas

Unique Interior Floor Decorating IdeasUnique Interior Floor Decorating Ideas

Floor Decorating Ideas by Shay Alkalay and YaelFloor Decorating Ideas by Shay Alkalay and Yael

Bathroom Floor Decorating Ideas Bathroom Floor Decorating Ideas

Rugs and Carpets Floor Decorating Ideas Rugs and Carpets Floor Decorating Ideas

Furniture: VU.VU.VU. Computer Desk

Design computer desk designed by Ballabio. Home computer desk design. Elli, the VU.VU.VU. Computer Desk is made from multi-layer plywood. A suspended wood structure is Prepared to store your PC and the desk Also has CD / CDRom / DVD space and extractable drawer for a PC keyboard. A practical desk, the VU.VU.VU comes in Wenge and oak wood, with a chromed aluminum base structure.

Design Computer Desk

Luxury Roof Decoration

Luxury Interior Roof DecorationLuxury Interior Roof Decoration

Luxury Exterior Roof DecorationLuxury Exterior Roof Decoration

Arabian Roof Decoration Arabian Roof Decoration

New Roof Decoration PictureNew Roof Decoration Picture

Perfect Roof DecorationPerfect Roof Decoration

Friday, February 25, 2011

Kidney Shaped Office Desk Elegant

Design table with a strange name. The Kidney shaped desk is Actually an Elegant Addition to any office. It could be to the Home Office Desk.

Designer John Wiggers explains his inspiration:”The curvilinear shape and exacting dimensions of this award-winning desk are carefully proportioned to be consistent with the holistic design principles of Feng Shui and the Vastu Shastra of the ancient Vedic tradition in India.”

Adding Perfect Window Decorations

Exclusive Window DecorationsExclusive Window Decorations

Can window decoration tedious that the rooms come with a color will change. This is one of the reasons why many people decide to use different items in their decorating schemes. With the right products, the pattern of your furniture and walls will come together and look as if they belong as a pair. Everyone will go to the room will know very quickly and often as to where you bought your query decoration.

Unique Window Decorations Unique Window Decorations

However, the unusual ideas to decorate the windows, not to be confused. You may see the wide selection and feel nervous about trying to decide to begin the process. It is possible that your budget prevents you from even giving it a try. You should not worry too. Many ways that you can get a unique look without going broke in the process of creating there.

Modern Window DecorationsModern Window Decorations

Item one you see at home, others are often blinds. However, you must types of curtains you choose. Wooden blinds and curtains made of fabric there. Large collections can be vertically or horizontally. You can open your blinds when you need light, and closed when you prefer to be private. Curtains are many houses in the main.

Traditional Window DecorationsTraditional Window Decorations

Many people tend to prefer the curtains in his room. Blinds have gained popularity because they so choose different user. You premade styles that look beautiful in any room to find. Craftier person can even as far as design and create their own style to go. Any cloth considered acceptable for a curtain. If you like the sun during the day, pulling back the curtain that will allow the rays come inside.

New Window DecorationsNew Window Decorations

You might think that a person has no wish of closing the curtain on the whole that one can. You may do this to an absolute screen lead. All this means that the fabric through the version that is not seen or do not see the light block. They still have the same powers decorative curtains, traditional hold. There are also many styles and prices for every taste and budget is given.

Unique Door Decorations

Traditional Door DecorationsTraditional Door Decorations

Exclusive Door DecorationsExclusive Door Decorations

Antique Door Decorations Antique Door Decorations

Simple Door DecorationsSimple Door Decorations

Attractive Door DecorationsAttractive Door Decorations

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Simple Desk Design by I-Con Arco

Design a simple table and looks slim. With a cabinet with 3 drawers. A seamless drawer adds to the contemporary feel of this desk and this puts a visual accent in the spotlight.

The I-Con Desk by Arco has a solid wood (oak or American walnut) work surface, while the legs are made from aluminium. The rounded detailing of this desk can be also found in the accessory that is available for it – a container with three drawers. Office Desks

DIY Projects You Will Love (Part 3)

How to make goblet votives

Make glowing goblets

Turn old goblets and trophies into sparkling candle holders. First, clean them well with with metal polish and a clean cloth. Fill with Microwaveable Soy Wax for Containers (by Yaley; $6.99 for 1 lb.; from

Add a Pre-Waxed Medium Bleached Wick with Wick Clip (by Yaley; $2.99 for six; from to make elegant, long-burning votives.

More:  Get our step-by-step instructions

Patterned gift wrap

Hand-printed gift wrap

With simple cookie cutters and paint, you can make your own distinctive wrapping paper.

Just dip the cutting edge of a cookie cutter (we used snowflakes and scalloped circles) into white heavy body acrylic paint (sold at art stores in 4-oz. tubs).

Stamp the cookie cutter onto a sheet of colorful paper, starting at a top corner. Create your own patterns by either joining or overlapping the shapes.

If the paint is too thick or lumpy, add a few drops of water and stir gently until thinned and smooth.

Leaf prints project

Easy fall decorating: DIY art from autumn leaves

Instant leaf prints

Bring nature's magic indoors with this simple project: Just gather a few of your favorite leaves or flowers, flatten them under a book, then copy them with a color photocopier.

Glue prints to canvas-covered boards (about $2 in art supply stores). Glue a small inexpensive wood frame to the back to act as hanger; it also sets off your print from the wall.

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How to transform a chair

Transform a chair

Turn a drab thrift-store chair into a stylish accent for any room in your home. All it takes is some paint, fabric, basic supplies, and a free weekend. Take advantage of your resale shops, you will
find styles you like even in accessories, paint is not expensive!!

To start, choose a chair with no missing screws or loose legs; it should have interesting features or frame detail.

Or turn 2 or more chairs into an eclectic set. Look for designs that have a wooden frame and an upholstered seat and unify them with the same color and fabric.

More:  How to transform a chair

Etched jar

Etch glass

There is something magical about etching glass ― the process turns plain glass pieces into decorative objects in minutes.

The secret is etching cream. You simply apply it to the glass, and the surface turns into a translucent white. The results are beautiful, subtle, and lasting.

More: How to etch glass

I found it on Craigslist!c

Reinvent thrift store candlesticks

Turn mismatched candlesticks into a fresh new set by painting them an unexpected color (in this case, high-gloss indigo).

1. Remove any wax residue with paint thinner and a clean cloth.

2. Mist one coat of spray paint primer for metal onto the candlesticks, holding the can 10 to 12 inches away. Cover evenly with paint.

3. Once dry, spray two light coats of spray paint for metal. Hold the can at a distance to avoid drips. Cover the detail grooves evenly.

We used: Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch sandable spray primer in white and Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch gloss spray paint in navy blue.