Sunday, May 29, 2011

Freedom Room in Propeller Island City Lodge Hotel in Berlin

If you ever get tired of the same hotel room when you go on holiday and want to visit something less of the ordinary, you should visit the Propeller Island City Lodge Hotel in Berlin. This is certainly the most unusual hotel I have ever seen. In fact the interior design is the one attracting tourists because of the weird themes of the rooms. The master of the interior design and the artist behind the project is the German designer Lars Stroschen that some people may consider crazy after having seen his visions.

Here is only one example of interior design in this hotel, but you should know all rooms there are unique and unusual at the same time. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the “Freedom” room that will make you appreciate your freedom a bit more and also become aware of the possibility of not having it.

The room looks just like a prison cell, with a hard bed and the toilet in the same room, a few inches from the bed. You have a small green  closet and an ugly chair to sit on. But the most interesting feature of the design is the hole in the wall that suggests a prison escape. All the details are there, including the hammer used to break the wall and the broken bricks resulting from this action. And even the thought that you came here as a visitor and because you wanted so is liberating as it gives you the certainty that you will get out, that you will have your freedom. Oh, you can have this room for just 79  euro per night. VIA

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