Friday, May 20, 2011

Role of An Architect, Artist and Art Building Design

Profession an architect, artist in essence everything is the same can be said, that in order to beautify the world with the art and beauty to the art building design. But that often is at or how to distinguish objects or media creations if their the art talent to manage the building design. The architecture is indeed not actually a direct descendant of the fine arts, as an the art design this building is because in addition to the beauty element in designing a building, also need to be guided by the structural features of the building, function rooms, location, soil to be woken up a building and the environment around. While the artists in creating works of fine art such as paintings also include graphic design to ignore the elements of function space and structure in the art building design, as one example is an artist who freely express their hearts and minds to channel inspiration in a painting theme. From the explanation above, we have to distinguish between architecture and fine artst, where there is pure art in architecture, but inside there is not necessarily pure the art of architecture. In the following writing will be presented several studies on the role of architects in the art building design to run his profession as an the art designer of the building, which of course only partial roles that will be presented of the overall role of the existing.

Rules that must be considered by the architect in the process of art building design is as follows:

1.  Knowing the needs of the occupants of the building
By knowing the needs of the occupants or users of buildings that will occupy the building, then will know what the space requirements and its contents. This is what will affect and differentiate the designs of buildings. Art design residential buildings will be different with the building of office buildings as well, this is because different users of the building also wish the art building design.

2. Noting the building occupants’comfort factor
In designing a building or the art building designs also we must consider the comfort of occupants, so the building can be occupied comfortably and humanely by the occupants. Examples are vertical residential buildings should consider the number of transportation facilities vertukal (elevator) available, so the waiting time to the dwelling units are within a relatively not long enough. If the number of elevators is not comparable with the number of occupants it can make these buildings become uncomfortable for occupancy.

3. Syncing art with function space and construction
After obtaining the function of space and comfort of the room then the architect role to manage and sync them with the art construction. Art of architecture is included art with a long span of time, considering the work will remain for the design of buildings still standing.

Similarly, a glimpse of the role of architects in the process of building a work of art with the art of building design pattern. An architect is not only based on the fine arts as an artist in expression, but more broadly because it must consider other factors such as function space, comfort, space, construction of structures and the surrounding environment. The purpose of this paper is not to curb freedom of expression is an architect, because in art there are also architectural streams as in the fine arts. Flow include the following: deconstruction, post-modern, contemporary classical, etc., but from various schools of architecture still have to pay attention to the three elements above in the exploration of art building design. VIA

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