Monday, May 16, 2011

Luxury Home Furniture for Your Living Room from Spirit

Welcome to Spirit Furniture, a place where you could find a style that’s yours and yours alone with its luxury home furniture range for your living room.

Spirit New Country home furniture range
New country is luxury home furniture which combine the soft, sink-in natural fabrics and vintage leathers that will mature in character. Timeless, luxurious comfort. Rural style for a true, lifelong relationship.

Spirit Uptown home furniture range
Uptom home furniture combine flair with elegant proportion that’s perfest for the town house look. With generous cushions, luxury yarns and opulent demasks, there’s more than a little regency decadence. A perfect blend of beauty and practicality.

Spirit Downtown contemporary home furniture range
Downtown home furniture is chic and understated. Soft, deep cushions. Large feather scatters. Beautiful, tactile leathers and fabrics. Refined lines and contemporary accents help create something truly individual. A collection that’s perfect for kicking off your shoes in style.

Spirit Urban home furniture range
So modern. So stylish. So comfortable. The most innovative materials and fillings are used to help create a true focal-point in your home, whether indoor or outdoor. This collection offers a modern look using smooth pearlised leathers and luxurious fabrics with subtle metallic yarns.


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