Monday, July 25, 2011

Artistic and Functional

Bronze high polished Couture Chairs 2011

What a statement!!!!!!!!!! These are designs by James Vilona.  Through his sculpture career he explored the artistic elements of contrasts and similarities between form and function.  His passion lies in creating communication and dialogue with each piece  sculpted, he loves blending contemporary, organic, and abstract shapes into art that will have direct communication through contact.

     James enjoys creating tension, using materials in their raw form as a catalyst to create both positive and negative spaces.  With complete respect for the metal, he naturally builds layers, problem solving both weight and weightlessness through contrasting elements and movement in his work.  His current focus is an exploration using iron and steel, studying natural organic shapes and transforming them into sculptural forms with dynamic tension and release.

     James goal is in finding that one moment where the work itself allows many levels of exploration and discovery, and is a visual communication between himself and each viewer.

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