Friday, July 8, 2011

Innovative Dog Shower Pet Accessory - Easy to Wash Your Dog

A bath time could be a horrible time for the owners of dog since their dog struggles to run away to avoid bathing. However, those owners can gladly welcome one invention that surely turns that horrible time into a happy time. The Only Inflatable Dog Shower Pet Accessory is now launched as the solution to pacifier those active dogs during their bath time. This brilliant equipment has many advantages related to its ergonomic feature and storage. The 7 levels and 52”-long hose enable the owner to clean every part of the dog even in the hidden parts such as between its paws, underbody and the back side. Its 21”-high wall provided with unzipped panel is another convincing device that the dog would not be overacting behaved so it prevents them from getting wetter. Are you interested? Never hesitate to have it now for showing love to your pet. Available at Hammacher.

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