Sunday, May 1, 2011

Landscape Design and Implementation

The exterior of your home should be an extension of your indoor lifestyle to be planned as carefully as you would a room in your home. Harmony Design Group creates elegant and functional solutions maximizing your property to its fullest potential.

The Design and Implementation Process includes 4 phases, described below.

Initial Client Consultation
The Design Process begins with a consultation between you and a Certified Landscape Architect to discuss the scope of the project touching on design elements, vision, and budget.

Conceptual Landscape Design / Sketches

A conceptual design(s) will be created harmonizing your desired vision, the natural features of your property, and the architectural style of your home. Throughout the creative process we work in partnership with you to develop a design that encompasses your vision.

Design Development / Technical Working Drawings

Once the preliminary plans have been agreed upon we will work with you to finalize details (e.g. specific plants, lighting, material selections) and begin working on the Construction Drawings. In most cases these will include: Construction Layout Plan, Planting Design, Lighting Location Plan, and Construction and Planting Details. The Construction Drawings will enable accurate pricing, ultimately reducing costly field changes during construction.

Landscape Construction / Implementation

Harmony Design Group recognizes that each landscape project is unique requiring a specialized set of skills to complete. Most projects require specialized trades to complete the design. Depending on the scope of the project one or more of the following trades may be required: Masons, Pool Contractor, Carpenter, Electrical, Plumber, Excavator, Arborist, Irrigation Contractor, Low Voltage Lighting Contractor, Landscape Contractor, Asphalt Contractor, Synthetic Putting Green Installers, and

Fence Contractor.

Harmony Design Group manages its projects from start to finish, including the assembly and management of the appropriate team necessary to complete your design.

With the design and installation in the hands of Harmony Design Group, there is a single point of contact & responsibility for quality, cost, and schedule adherence.

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