Sunday, May 1, 2011

Modern Lounge Furniture Feel Seating System Deluxe Animi Causa

The Anima Causa Feel Seating System is quite strange to call it hot. This system consists of 120 cloth covered balls linked by an elastic. The Animi causa seeting move around your system, you can fold it, and position it any way you like. Unfortunately, I think you need someone in it to make it look cool. If not, it may look like a pile of other balls of fabric in your home. Luxury lounge furniture "Feel inspired" by Animi Causa by the molecular structure, form the basis for all objects in the universe. Feel comfortable with the structure of the seat or to lay the body can be uncomfortable, this design allows to create multiple positions. It's very comfortable for relaxing. Feeling Deluxe is made of 120 soft and very nice ball. Large dimensions provide ample room for singles, couples and families. Large dimensions offer plenty of room to sink and drift away completely. Deluxe felt had been embraced by leading architects.

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