Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cigar in a Bottle

In my humble opinion, this is much more exciting than putting a model ship in a bottle. After all, can you smoke a model ship? Cigar in the Bottle offers connoisseurs of fine spirits and fine cigars an opportunity to experience both with this fine product. That's a lot of fine-ness. It starts with a Fuente Fuente Forbidden X cigar that is assembled from seven different varieties of tobacco leaves by Fuente masters, and then placed in a French oak case for aging. After that, the cigar is encapsulated in a hand-blown glass chamber with a custom Humidipak humidor for preservation. I think the safety features that surround this cigar outnumber the safety features that surround me while I'm in my car - or anywhere for that matter. The well-protected Fuente Fuente Forbidden X is then entombed amid a sea of Grand Pommier XS Calvados, concocted from a mixture of over 100 varieties of hand-selected, aged Norman apples. Model ship in an empty bottle, or a superior cigar in a bottle full of high-class hooch? For me, the choice is easy.

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