Sunday, April 24, 2011

10 Tips for Kitchen Remodeling

Livability Factor

1. Ask yourself how you are really going to live in the space. The livability factor will determine where you should save and splurge. We enjoy cooking, so we knew from the start that we would splurge on appliances. The double dishwashers make cleanup a breeze.
Your Home’s Story

2. “Embrace architectural elements that at first seem quirky or out of place but in the end add character and soul,” says Alison. “Don’t worry about the transition from old to new; let the home tell the story of its evolution. You can make it cohesive with color, materials, and furnishings.”
Choosing a Contractor

3. Enlist tried-and-true tradesmen. As building veterans, the Brewers have a short list of favorite subcontractors, which helped them communicate and get on the pros’ schedules. Create your own list by using references from friends and your architect.

4. Do a daily roll call. Check to be sure contractors are on-site each morning, and share a daily punch list with them.
Proper Planning

5. Multitask and plan ahead. While waiting on permits or other approvals, determine what can be done in the interim, so there’s no downtime. Plus, order materials on a rolling basis, so subcontractors always have there next project cued up.

6. Anticipate (and budget for) added expenses.
Design Details

7. We saved on flooring by using the existing oak floors in the butler’s pantry and new oak flooring in the kitchen. Oak would not have been our first choice, but the dark ebony stain elevates the look.

8. A few of the original windowpanes were broken during the renovation, and instead of replacing the entire window, we replaced the panes with restoration glass to match the originals.
Save and Splurge

9. Splurge on custom cabinetry. It allows one to completely customize the layout to fit one’s needs and makes for a much more efficient kitchen.

10. Concede a few dream details if you have to. Extras such as a backyard pool were abandoned when unexpected costs inflated the budget.
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