Monday, April 25, 2011

7 Clean Minimalist Homes

Minimalist style is based on the ideas that “less is more” meaning the less objects the better the space will look.  Here is a spectacular list of 7 clean minimalist homes.  Whether you like or dislike the minimalist style these homes should leave you calm and less stressful.

1.A  Casa C by architects Duilio Damilano

2.A  Garden and Sea by architect Takao Shiotsuka

3.A  Orr House by Swatt Architects
4.  Woodside Bay Home by Hillery Priest Architecture

5.  Openhouse by XTEN Architecture

6.  Boso house by Kiyonobu Nakagame Architects

7.  Somosaguas home by A-cero Architects

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