Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Outstanding Renovation Kitchen Project by Nils Finne Architect

A guarantee name for outstanding and striking project-Nils Finne-Seattle-based architect has recently completed on their latest project at kitchen renovation of a contemporary farmhouse in Fall City, Washington.
This great job focused to renovated the existing kitchen and the master bathroom. The result: both of this work delivering serene and light-filled room. On the main floor, they work well in the kitchen. To create more spacious kitchen with modern cutting edge, they removed the walls between the kitchen and dining to unity the room, and a 25-ft. long addition to the kitchen provided a continuous glass ribbon around the limestone kitchen counter.
Nils Finne noticed as architect that dedicated to the idea of Crafted Modernism, Nils typically designs custom lighting, furniture, cabinets and hardware for every project. So they filled the room with their own crafted custom furniture. To create the open kitchen feeling, a custom island table was created made by reclaimed elm planks and a blackened steel base, with inlaid limestone around the sink area. Two custom blown-glass suspension lighting named FOSS pendant add the sophisticated looks of the custom dining table. Totally great job design.

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