Friday, April 22, 2011

Sustainable Design of Modular 4 by Studio 804

A sustainable design of modular house, called Modular 4 was created by Studio 804.  It is located mere blocks away from the KU medical center, on 1500 sq ft area. It has some sustainable features that make it environmental friendly.
 This house is consist of 7 modules. Featuring a remarkably flexible floor plan anchored by a core of service space that defines the interior, the seven modules are offset in the middle to separate public and private, creating a bold four-foot cantilever on either side of the house. It is designed by considering energy efficiency and materiality.

To protect from cold winter wind, the north facade was kept tight. A broad glass was used on the south facade to maximize the natural light for the living room and to maximize the sun heat over winter. Cellulose insulation used in the wall , floor, and ceiling was made from recycled material.  They also use some sustainable materials, such as :
  • bamboo flooring,
  • recycled countertops,
  • adjustable thermal window protection,
  • a porous driveway,
  • FSC approved Brazilian hardwood
  • recycled aluminum siding,
  • ventilating skylights,
  • a white “cool” roof. to minimize heat effect on summer.

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