Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Opulent Victorian Gentleman’s Virtual House Furniture

This special edition about home design inspiration today come from luxury Victorian house which truly attracting our attention especially if we are take a look at the interior decorating ideas. The perfect and awesome home visualization called Victorian Gentleman’s Virtual House designed by TheeDex studio. I say this is “luxurious home” because the house furniture with gold gilding, and green accents are selected from expensive material. TheeDex studio as the designer brings to life this classic abode style of a Victorian gentleman that absolutely wonderful. The particulars in the photos gallery here just keep hitting you from the twinkle of the interior lighting to the shadows of the modern pool balls to the puckers of the diamond tufting on the comfort leather chairs. Simply nitpick I have is that several of the pictures seem a little washed out. Maybe rather than going for right photo-realism the TheeDex studio were gunning for surreal grandeur. So, give your opinion about this home design! Are you agree with my sight of view?
Here, I collect ten photos design of Victorian Gentleman’s Virtual House design:

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