Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Space by Liya Mairson

This is a playing area, called My Space, designed by Liya Mairson. This playing area is designed just like a giant pop-up book.

product is made for children aged 3-6 which live in a small housing that does not have enough area for an ordinary playing area. Its pop-up feature makes it can be stored in a narrow space, such as behind the door, under the stair, under the bed, or behind a book shelf.

This product is designed to have such doors, windows and some shelves, just like an ordinary playing house, but they are  designed as a pop-up object and collapsible. When it is collapsed, it will creates background and  children can form their own room,  play their toys there, according to their creativity, and their needs. It is very simple and easy for any kids, so they do not need their parent’s help to use this product.

This product is designed from a card board, so it is recyclable, but still durable enough. The design also can be customize on model and color, according to kids’ needs.

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