Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Colorful 3D Tile by Buzzispace

A product of tile by Buzzispace, called BuzziTile, can be a good choice to make a room more colorful and beautiful. It is a 3D tile, made from green material.

With several colors available, this tile will be fit to every rooms. This tile will make the blank and monotone wall to a colorful and cheerful wall. This can influence the feeling of people inside the room. Elegant and warm colors are available for more formal rooms, and cheerful colors are available for more informal rooms. The configuration can be customized, according to the environment needed.

The tile is available in two shape, rectangular and cubical. Both of them are completed with self-adhesive backing. The tile is made from green materials, 100% recycled PET, or ecofelt. The price is about USD 150 / pc. Ref

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