Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Modern Small Baby Crib Design for Small Living Space, Alma by Bloom

If you are the parents who live in the small spaces and have the little children aged between newborn and 2 years this modern versatile baby crib is perfect for you. This small beautiful crib design is the modern contemporary small crib example for any home interior design. This modern small baby cribs design is versatile and foldable. This foldable crib is called the Alma and designed by Bloom. This modern crib is the perfect cribs design for those of you who live in urban small living space. With its flexibility, the crib can easy be moved from one room to the other rooms. This modern small baby crib has the open slats on all four sides maximize air-flow. This modern baby crib is available in five unique colors, including coconut white, gala green, frost grey, espresso, and harvest orange.

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