Friday, April 22, 2011

3716 Springfield, A Green Home Design Created by Studio 804

Another green home design was created by Studio 804. This sustainable residence was located at  3716 Springfield Street; Kansas City. The location is nestled on a secluded site near the University of Kansas Medical Center, and the house serves as the final design studio for graduate students at University of Kansas School of Architecture and Urban Planning. This house received the first LEED Platinum certificate for home in the Kansas City Metropolitan area.
This sustainable house combines the passive house aspect and active side to provide optimum sustainability. The location with broad south exposure was chosen. The house is also completed with operable windows along the lower southern strip of glazing and rooftop skylights, to provide good air circulation inside the house.
Some environmentally friendly products complete the house, to create good environmentally friendly housing. Renewable energy sources, like Photovoltaic solar panels and wind turbine are used to fulfill the energy needs. To minimize the water using, the use of low-flow valve fixtures and drought-resistant fescue sod are done, also there are rainwater reclamation system as fresh water source. Some porous materials, such as pervious concrete were used to allow the rainwater seep into the water table.

Some sustainable technology products are also used to maintain the temperature inside, such as the use of radiant floor heating and concrete thermal mass, the use of geothermal heat pump, Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV), and highly efficient HVAC also support the sustainable system.

 This green home building was design using sustainable materials, such as FSC-certified woods for the flooring, wall sheathings, and roof. While the construction period, the construction waste was concerned to be as low as possible. Some materials used also have recycled content, such as the galvalume metal roofing panel which has min 25% recycled content. Some reclaimed  lumbers from the existing site (which was Sunflower Army Ammunition Plants’ site) were also used. All countertops and bathroom surrounds are manufactured from a recycled paper composite material that is highly durable, low maintenance, and stain resistant.

This environmentally friendly home was designed with detail calculation to create a good learning project for the students and also to utilize (without creating any bad impacts) the historical site where the building is sited. The residence seeks those who desire to live “off-the-grid” while enjoying the revitalized amenities that comprise the metropolitan urban core.

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