Saturday, April 23, 2011

Etsy’s Green Garden Lamp Design

Etsy‘s product, a garden lamp, will be a good addition for your garden or for a gift, as it is a green designed lamp, with unique shape.

Adopting sunflower and moon flower shape in one lamp, this lamp will create a good blending scene for the garden. The best part is this lamp only needs sun light to operate, just like the ordinary plant. Yes, this lamp is using solar panel for the energy source.

This lamp is designed to be a green product, as it is made from reused, recycled materials and no need of electricity. Most of parts of the lamp are from old solar lawn lamp’s parts. Brass materials are dominant. LED lamp is also used to support the green features.

The moon flower becomes the holder of the 10 mm LED lamp, made from nickle platted brass cup. It has some etched brass leaves attached on the top part of it. The stamens are the LED lamp holder, creates from brass nails.

The sunflower part frames the solar panel. The frame is from wooden material, while the sunflower’s petals are from brass. The solar panel will provide sun energy to charge AAA battery during the day to light the LED lamp at night. This battery can cover 8 hours energy for the lamp. At the bottom of the flower, there is a gear used for fitting the 5 mm pipe that acts as the stem. A framed brass mesh figures a big leaves, attached at the sunflower’s stem.

The base is made from wood material, with several terminal-inspired etched brass leaves. The base plate also has the same pattern as the leaves.

This lamp want to express the symbol of sharing of life. The design is very exotic with the using of wooden material, and provides a real plant feels. With USD 280, this lamp will be great to be bought.Ref

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